The Beauty of Being A Student

How To Thrive

I want to always be a student in life. I want to continue to learn in everything that matters to me. I want to continue to be inspired by people and things. In my school days, I remember how some students never bothered to pay attention. They always felt like they knew what they needed to know to get to where they needed to be by a thin string. Some people have that same outlook outside of the classroom. When I see people who pass up the opportunity to be wiser, fuller, more fun, more of the many beautiful things that matter; I wonder if they know just how much more beautiful of a person they could be if they allowed themselves to still be a student. When I say student, it has nothing to do with going to an actual school. It’s about absorbing the beauties of their surroundings. Being still in the moment, listening to the birds sing, taking a minute to reflect, to laugh at themselves and not take unnecessary things so seriously. Being a student is fun to me. It’s why curiosity and great full conversations interests me.

I remember when mama used to tell stories about her life growing up as a little girl. It felt amazing to hear her speak. She always had a lesson in every story. She was a brillant storyteller. I guess that’s why there’s always a message in my writing. I always try to find a jewel that I can share with others. That’s why I call myself a storyteller. Sure, I’m not as sharp as some of the storytellers I have listened to. There are some conversations that are meant to make you laugh. Mama made us laugh plenty of times. She was always naturally funny. Then there are conversations that allows me to be a student. When I hear Oprah on television or I read something she talks about like gardening and vegetables; it makes me want to grab my fruit and cheese, put on some really comfy socks and just listen or read. Then my curiosity kicks in. I want to hear some untold stories about her and Gayle before they were “Oprah and Gayle”. What were their conversations like before the fame? How did Oprah feel when she started to become “Oprah”? You know, stories she’s never told the media. I want to hear many stories of her childhood that she hasn’t shared like day to day things-nothing personal. I’m not nosey.

Cicely Tyson! I know I’d be a great student to her conversations. I would love to have a conversation with Katherine Jackson and Robbie Montgomery, just to name a few. Being a student is such a thrill to me. I’m sure if you gave yourself a chance to be a student, it would be a thrill for you as well.