The BEST CARDIO for Burning FAT.

(This totally works)

Hey Team…

Speaking of cardio.. I have noticed one huge difference between my training in NY vs. Florida… (and it is not just the residual tan)…

When I am in the colder climates, my conditioning and cardio is “machine” based.. but when in the warmer temps, I am outside running and walking..

Training outside is much HARDER!

Wind. Heat. Sun. Humidity.

But the biggest differentiator?

The ground.

I can not use momentum or a motorized belt to move myself…

What does that mean?

If I want to move, I have to do the work. I create the power. I create the movement. That translates into more calories burned, more expired energy, and increased weight loss / fat burn over time.

The first few days training outside are rough on my body…

Breathing is more difficult.

Extra soreness in my quads, hamstrings, and feet. (this is why we need a recovery plan- ex. massage, pool, hot baths, foam rolling)

The same amount of volume I was doing at home is cut in half… but it feels like 10x more…

So, as the weather begins to change for the better (minus the current snowstorm in the Northeast), I encourage you to begin transitioning your training from indoors to out.

I know that running can be tough on the “joints”.. but starting slowly is essential… combining a combination of walking, jogging, and running to cover a certain amount of distance or time…

When we start Spring Training with our players, we do the same thing..

Slow, durational, low impact running… and gradually progressing to more sprint based interval work, and eventually full speed sprinting…

Now, I know the athletes reading this are used to “sprinting”.. but for the Coaches and Corporate Warriors.. when was the last time you sprinted? Full speed. Without worry?

We need to get you back there… through progression.. and deploying my 4-Drivers which will ensure you are safe and focused on balancing your body and recovery…

Below, I am going to put a simple, PHASE 1, outdoor running program for you to try…

Phase 1 Athletic Development Running Program

With a watch, you are going to work for a total of 15 minutes.

Walk with Long Strides: 15 Seconds

Jog Slowly with Short Strides: 30 Seconds

Run with Long Strides: 15 Seconds

Repeat this sequence for 15 Repetitions.

Each week, for the next 6-Weeks, add 1 rep (leaving you at 21 minutes in 6-Weeks)

Perform this Program 3x/ Week on a flat surface: Road, Track, Park, or Field

Using a simple plan like this, working on 3x per week, will get you moving in the right direction… increasing your overall work capacity, making you feel more fit no matter where you are at in your athletic development process.

This is a great BASE-BUILDER… and is very low risk..

Now let’s get going… no more excuses.. let’s make ourselves great again…

We got this..

By the way.. there will be days where you want to quit… DO NOT QUIT

You will adapt.. You will get better. Hang in long enough to get the results…


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