The Best Companies to Work For Have This One Thing in Common

It’s not about over-the-top perks or salaries.

Emma Haak
Emma Haak
Mar 9, 2017 · 2 min read

The top three spots on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2017 list are held by companies offering an essential benefit more and more employees want: the freedom to manage their work and personal lives in a more balanced way.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It’s not surprising that Google took the top spot — the “don’t be evil” company has long been known as a place that treats employees as actual humans. But Google’s efforts to help close the gender gap through paid leave are particularly noteworthy: “It boosted its parental-leave policies, for example, after finding that mothers were leaving at higher rates — the result was a 50% reduction in attrition for working mom,” according to Fortune. Diversity and acceptance are also paramount. Fortune writes that, “Town halls held by black Googlers and allies, support for transgender workers, and unconscious-bias workshops (­already attended by more than 70% of staff) help foster what employees say is a “safe and inclusive” workplace at this hive of high performers.”

Wegmans Food Markets, which ranked second on the list, also offers workers flexible schedules (plus free birthday cakes). And coming at number three is The Boston Consulting Group. The company is trying to upend consulting’s longstanding burnout culture with an “emphasis on self-care (think sabbaticals, fitness centers, and telecommuting) — taking the edge off the usually “daunting” industry.”

It’s encouraging that the most highly-regarded companies aren’t those promoting burnout culture but actual work-life integration. A shift towards a healthier view on how we work and live has to come from the top down, and this list is a sign that we’re making progress.

Read more about the companies on Fortune’s list here.

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