The BEST Family Tradition EVER

Creating a mindful, sacred family

The most delicious cake I have EVER made! (No, he doesn’t play for AFC Ann Arbor but he could.)

My Rock Star Mom Idea

Those who know me well, know that I consider Motherhood to be my highest honor. But, like everything else in my life, I have my Rock Star moments and my “not so Rock Star moments”. Today I want to share a Mom win.

On his 5th birthday . . .

My son was feeling a bit mad. His brand new brother that he wanted . . . showed up a week before his birthday. We went the extra mile to make sure that he had some gifts and a awesome ice cream cake. Then I had a great idea — I would write out “5 things I love about you!”


He loved it. When I tucked him in that night, he asked me to read the list again and he pulled it out from underneath his pillow.

OMG! He kept it under his pillow. I read the list through tears of joy, gratitude, a job well done for all the times I thought I had done a crappy job.

This moment was moved to the top of my accomplishments. It was the pinnacle of my life and Mothering.

What Came Next was a Shock!

As soon as the next birthday rolled around I was having a conversation to the Rock Star Mom that lives in my head, I am going to do this for my #2 kid. How great will that be but . . . I was too late.

My sweet 5 year old son had already made a list for his 3 year old sister. The “3 things I love about you”. In that moment, a family tradition was born.

As a parent, we sometimes forget that we are modeling loving kindness in moments that we might not expect. Yes I do try to be a good mom but lots of times my ideas fall flat or worse embarrass my kids. We need to keep in mind many things as we parent and that gets overwhelming. I get that.

Some days we are Rock Stars and some days not.
Taking care of his siblings . . .

The Evolution of a Tradition

What began as a one off is now a family tradition. On birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day we celebrate with a Top 10 list. Except for my over achiever kid who writes out 51 reasons I’m a great person for my birthday. Not gonna lie, I absolutely love it and she shares things that she might not say directly to me. Win-Win.

The kids continue to make a list for each other — a special tribute to their deepening relationships. The vision I have for my family: my kids will love and appreciate one another’s spirit. That is happening and I’m thrilled beyond anything I could have imagined.

This year’s Sweet 16 letter

My oldest turned 16 this year and I this is the letter I gave him. I asked if I could publish it and he agreed. I’m a private writer and typically don’t share such personal and vulnerable words — but this letter is sacred yet shareable. (I will be writing about sacred parenting soon.)

A super fun day on Mackinac Island biking and jumping.

Sweet Sixteen for my Sweetest 16 Year Old

  1. You are adventurous. As long as the adventure is after 11 am.
  2. You make me laugh, enjoy dark humor and can tell a great humorous story.
  3. You are a great writer; when you take the time to develop your ideas.
  4. You have a wonderful eye for color and composition. The history project as an example.
  5. You are dedicated to your sport and work tirelessly to achieve your goals.
  6. You are a great driver. I love that you have given yourself the perspective of “taking a driving test” each time you drive. With that wonderful attitude you will only become a better driver. Additionally, I can’t wait to see the places you will go.
  7. You like jumping off things. Let’s just keep it in perspective! I like taking photos of you leaping into the air.
  8. You find cool things to give me — like a petrified turtle carcass.
  9. You still like the idea of being home rather than going to school — not to skip school as much as you just like hanging out at home. You have a great balance of being busy and being still.
  10. You love to learn new things. I’m excited for you this year and beyond. If you love to learn you will never be bored or boring.
  11. You are a great big brother. It can be hard being the oldest with added unspoken responsibility yet you have grown into this role. I would expect Charlotte, Olivia and Luke will always look to you for guidance.
  12. You like to try new foods. You appreciate good food. I’m so loving that you drink coffee now!
  13. Your moral compass is pointed in the right direction. That won’t always be the case, you will make mistakes but it is so much easier getting back on the right road when you know where you started.
  14. You are thoughtful. You think fully, not half assed.
  15. You are beginning to have an awareness that will translate into taking the initiative for living how you choose.
  16. You are loved. Whole heartedly, fiercely, unconditionally, without end, 24/7.



Stay Tuned

I am continuing to write about living a simple, sacred, soulful, mindful life — some days are better than others.