During my time of solitude my mind often wanders, is in that space where I see myself headed towards a stage setting being called to share my journey and my inspiring story. Lol! In that moment I realize how all my trials and tribulations are the essences of my voyage. As I look at my life and analyze big and small significant and insignificant events. I see that they all have shaped me for that instant that has yet to come. I can only learned from past, present experiences, and retain the lessons learned. In that present moment I can only do my best and put into practice all those life lessons that have strengthened me. In this flash when I’m day dreaming I see how all passed experiences have shaped me for this one moment that I have only experienced in my mind. It’s just a matter of time when I will manifest that one outcome I have always dreamed about.

Don’t give up on your dreams, day dream every day and make it your reality. As I embark in a 30 day challenge to seek a better version of me for my social media feed. I noticed that everything that could possibly go wrong in my life has become a reality during this period; we are talking about life changing events. While I try to be an inspiration to others, I need plenty of motivation myself. The strange thing is that during this challenge, I have learned not to identify myself with my struggles anymore. Is almost like an out of body experience. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge them and work through them, but I don’t dwell on them and I certainly don’t identify myself with them. They are not me; they are things that are happening to me. I see them as necessary events for me to be able to move forward in my journey, for me to work on my weaknesses and toughen up in order to grow past, learn from, and arise victorious because of them. Another strange realization is that now my feelings come from a place of gratitude and I don’t feel sorry for myself. I can restart my life every day and change the things I’m not happy with. For some reason that didn’t seem possible in the past. I appreciate every single thing and must of all I’m content with my progress. That’s big!

As a result a clear vision of my future has developed. Hurray! I now know I can control the outcome if I believe, work through, and embrace the challenges ahead. A knowing has been awakened in me and I know I have made it and soon I will be giving my gratitude speech. Ever since I decided to look at things in this manner, I have found myself being able to cope with all of the problems that have come my way. I have experienced fear, lack, struggle, and necessity. I have found myself being grateful for all the things I do have, I let go of the past, I appreciate those around me that love me and appreciate me unconditionally, and I have been inspired to work on my passion being true to me. I don’t worry about anything or anyone that is not relevant in my circle. I appreciate all humans but all of their opinions are NOT relevant in my life. I called this my cleansing process and I find it motivational. I have a new outlook on life, business, and relationships. Without these life events, I wouldn’t have found the appreciation of it all. I no longer take anything for granted. I love the fact that I can still breathe; therefore, I find that my life is full of possibilities. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR ME NOW! I found that struggles are designed to shape and strengthen us for better experiences that are to come. I learned to emerge from my struggles and to embrace the moment, learn from it, and move past it. I learned to leave fear behind, take action and trust the process and hope for a great outcome. I noticed once I put these things into practice I’ve surfaced a stronger being. I see my connection with nature and how cleansing my life has designed a better version of me. My role in life is clear and my amazing contribution to this world is inevitable. So now I’m ready to experience my wonderful life and give my gratitude speech. YES!!