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The book that writes itself…

Magic Book (part I)” & supportive words from wonderful Richard Bach

It was a sad cold day in winter of 1999 when all started. I had just finished reading the Lord Of The Rings after a bad break up. I couldn’t sleep, so it took me one day for each book of the trilogy. After 3 days living in that fairytale environment, I was feeling melancholic that I had to leave it and go back to real life.

So… suddenly, it struck me! The only way to go deeper and deeper in a fairytale world would be to write my own book!

On that night, I wrote the first 25 pages of the book.

It was a truly magical experience, and even now I cannot explain how it happened..

How is it possible in just 6–7 hours to keep up writing 25 pages, while at the same time researching and studying real legends of Elves and Fairies?

How was it possible to achieve all that in such a short span of time… still remains a mystery … …It was like time just stopped… literally !!!

After that, some life adventures followed … that made me get to England. There, I experienced some difficult years, so I hardly had any free time or mood to consider the book … So, the file in which the chapter of the book was written just got lost …

Being disheartened, I returned to Chios, a beautiful Greek Island, where I found it in the hands of a friend — I had printed it and given it to him a few years earlier, asking for his opinion. He had kept it alive all those years. Even the pages were in incredibly good condition … It was like … magic to find it again … It was like he protected it as if he already knew that this first chapter was like my own child … So, I retyped it in a file…

(Thank you George…)

Whenever I continued writing, the same “magic” incident with time occurred … In just a few hours, loads of pages were written …

When asked what would happen later on in the book, I did not know what to respond … so, the answer was always the same …

“I do not know … The heroes just guide me, I just sit and write, and its like someone from up there dictates the information, or shows me a movie of the story, and I have to describe it, or as if the book has already been written somewhere, and gradually I discover its existence…”

None of these descriptions can truly render what is really going on …

Perhaps, the best description could be the following sentence …

It just unfolds in front of me by itself…

A friend of mine once told me,

“Finish your book… You shouldn’t leave your hero out there alone in the darkness…,”

and she was actually right because it feels like these heroes are literally alive, somewhere, in a parallel universe… Who knows, maybe they are…!

(Thank you Adrianna)

All of the things mentioned in this book, no matter how weird it seems, have actually happened in my real life in various ways.

The book started like a fairytale….but, as it was going on and on, it was changing…

It is a trip in :

Different parallel universes…

Hollow Earth…

Elf Land…


Even in Lucid Dreaming!

The heroes are :




Elohims from planet Sirius…

and there comes also the big Greek prophecy of the Marble King…which finally makes perfect sense when you combine all this…

How is it possible to write a whole book by working on it only 5–6 times?

(not even 5–6 days…but 5–6 times lasting 6–7 hours each!)

The answer came from my favorite author, Mr. Richard Bach, who was so kind as to let me cite the dialogue we had on

I will paste here the dialogue without changing my not so perfect English…because I believe the dialogue must remain original…so excuse me for my English.

Korina asked Richard Bach:

Your books were always my refuge as I was an abused child till the age of 19. They gave me all the hope and strength I was needing! Thank you! I write now a fantasy book which I don’t feel is mine. I really receive it from somewhere else. It’s like I have no control. If I try to think what to write next, it doesn’t work. If I trust universe and I just say “ok, send me more…,” then I write pages. How does this sound to you?

Richard Bach

Isn’t that the way all of us write? The light we have shows our path for only a sentence or two, but we believe that it will keep showing us what follows after that. Our dear Somewhere Else is so happy we’ve found the principle that it promises it will work as long as we live.

Korina asked Richard Bach:

Thank you so much for answering this. I’m so glad you find it so normal. You know, it is like someone from up there is using only my fingers to type…At rest, when I write, it is like I see a video with the characters playing in it, and I just describe what I see. I know you write in your book about a video that appeared on the wall..but this was for real? Or this video thing sounds a bit crazy? I’m a bit worried, you see.

Richard Bach

The year was 1959 when I first had that startling event, when the wall disappeared. “Videos” hadn’t been invented at that time, so “wide-screen Technicolor” was the best I knew to describe what had happened to me. I was aware that I had the green-ink ballpoint pen in my hand, and some letterhead that a friend had given me to write on. I did not have the sense of the cold of the air around me that actual flying would have given me. It was… well, it was as if the wall had vanished, and I saw everything that happened for the next ten minutes or so.

What you say happened to you was just what happened to me at the beginning of Jonathan Seagull. I’d correct that, though, and say it was not like seeing a video. It was almost as if I were there, watching a real event.

That’s been true for me ever since, only lacking that breathtaking sudden awareness of being-there that I experienced.

You are not crazy. Or it could be that you are crazy, but so am I. And I agree with you: it seems to be some other expression of life that needs our typing skills and our vocabulary to communicate what it knows. It’s happy that our name is printed as author of the book and that it’s us who spend the money that came from our strange experience.

Korina asked Richard Bach:

Hello, is it ok to take a screenshot of your answer for the readers of my blog to see? A few days ago, I started my author’s platform, and I’m trying to explain to new writers like me that, If they trust the universe, and they “channel” their book, they won’t get writer’s block anymore. People don’t believe they can channel their book. I believe everyone can do it. I think your answer will help people believe they can do it too!

Richard Bach

Hi, Korina,

I’m honoured that you’d like to take a screenshot of those words! And sure enough, writers channel their stories just as architects channel their houses, and machinists channel their metal.

Nothing strange about that. We all channel ideas in whatever form they appear.


So…you see…we all channel our books, our ideas…from other expressions of life or even from akashic records but…what is the difference between the two, if any? The book that writes itself will give you the answer to that…and to much more…

I was wondering where I downloaded the book from…

Was it really coming from akashic records, or was someone channeling it to me?

Well…I must tell you that I found out…but let this be a surprise for you in my next post…because the entity that sends me the book really deserves a post for himself / herself!

Also, another big secret will be revealed to you in future posts…so I hope to see you all there, too…


Love to all…




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