The Business of Happiness

Happiness, is it good for business?

We’ve all heard some version of it… heck we’ve all said some version of: “I’ll be happy when…I get that promotion, get that new home, that car, a vacation, more money, etc”

However, According to some very recent scientific research into what makes us happy, scientists have discovered that more than wealth, or even pursuing the things that we believe will bring us pleasure, what really makes us feel truly happy and fulfilled is the engagement and connection we experience with others. We all deeply desire to be “part of”, to feel a bond with, and this is a tremendous business advantage for those who facilitate that bond in the form of business.

Let’s put this in the context of business and more specifically loyalty: quite simply, there are customers and prospective customers out there who are looking for ways to engage and connect with you, your people, and your organization, and what’s more, they want to engage and connect with each other too.

Denying them this not only denies you, your team, your organization, and these prospective customers a bond, but also a sense of belonging and ultimately real happiness.

We’ve all heard about the terrible lack of employee engagement. But what would it mean to your business to have someone who is actually actively engaged? Actively engaged employees are emotionally connected to, and invested in creating value for their organizations.

I’m sorry to say that according to Gallup research only 13% of people worldwide actively engaged at work. What that means is; plain and simple companies are doing a poor job of creating an emotional bond between employees and the organization. Despite the fact that many companies’ may be doing their best to address this problem, that number has barely budged since 2010.

As a strategic leadership and cultural development firm our own research has shown that engagement occurs when people are happy and they tend to be far happier when feel a bond to the organizations purpose. When they have an authentic connection to the leader, and when they are appreciated for a job well done. To the surprise of many leaders today long-term satisfaction, engagement and loyalty is less about compensation and more about being “on the team” and part of something meaningful.

Bottom line: much like creating a bond with your team, when your customers begin to see your organization as a source of happiness and fulfillment, it will be very difficult for them to leave you!

The big takeaway here is this: When it comes to community, always remember, it cannot be about your organization; it’s always got to be about the people in your community and how you can serve them (even if it’s with something you don’t directly offer).

Even though you may never have considered it: You are in the business of creating happiness. Do it well and you will not only be highly profitable, but there’s a good chance you’ll be a little happier yourself.

With Gratitude,

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