The Change You Seek

Is within you.

When I write to you, I think about the amazing power of thought, the power of the human spirit, the power and mystery of the human psyche, the palette of feelings in every human, the conscious and unconscious, people’s intellect and intuition.

What does sharing experiences mean, how does one cope with problems, pain and fear, quests of life, insights and discoveries within oneself, philosophies of life, science, quantum physics, religions and spiritual teachings?

I want everyone to be able to share and feel at home through my writings.

I want to be able to reach out to you when you are at a crossroad or at a difficult time.

I want to help you become conscious, to be awake, to believe in yourself and to discover the power within yourself, to touch what’s supernal in you, to feel how important and valuable you are, and that there are no limits to your abilities.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

All of this leading to more questions and answers in life within your own self, which expand more and more on to your supernal being.

As I want to reach the world, I trust that many are seeking answers and they will find their Path to be here, with all of us.

While searching for what knowledge to share with all of you, I kept sifting through years of my research work — personal, educational, professional and social. Reflecting on everything and everyone in my life along with the knowledge I gather daily from the unknown people I randomly run into.

And what came about through these reflections is self-knowledge. Too many people don’t know who they are, what they seek, how to guide their life, how to participate in life solely because of the dirt of other people’s mistakes that were left on them — parents, teachers, colleagues, the artificial world that surrounds everyone…and so much more.

Today, I want to ask all of you that are already here and all of you that are searching your Path to be here to self-reflect on the questions below.

  • What does self-knowledge mean to you?
  • What does knowing who you are mean to you?
  • Do you know who you are?
  • How do you find the path to self-knowledge?
  • Do you search for ways to deal with problems, pain, or is it just an inner unconscious ambition, as if some Power leads you to that?
  • Do you think that everything that happens to you pushes you on your way?

In fact, do you think there are moments in life in which you can say that you know yourself completely or is it a continuous process, a way that you will follow for the rest of your life by discovering more new things?

Perhaps the purpose of the journey to yourself is not only to know yourself but also to develop and expand the entire world around you and the entire universe…

I can write to you for a long time, yet, my mission is to give you the word, for you to share your experiences, knowledge and wisdom.

Share your stories, what made you go on the Path of life you’ve undertaken? Share what comes from within.

I cannot wait to read your stories. You inspire me to keep researching, exploring, experimenting, testing, and refining ideas, growing, writing and speaking. All of us grow faster when we collaborate and support each other. I encourage people to contribute value to the world, so we can make compounding ripples of improvement for everyone.

About The Author

Dr. Kachovska is an internationally known Change Catalyst. She teaches individuals and organizations about awareness, connection and the need for change — personally, socially, and professionally.

You can connect with her on Thrive Global, Medium, Twitter and LinkedIn