When More People Vote, We All Win
Paul Constant

The Constant of Paul’s wonderful message is about Voter Turnout. A complimentary component to completing this message is CANDIDATE Turnout.

Votes are precious. But who’s campaigning for them?

If everyone shows up but the choices are lacklustre we’ll wind up on a different rung of the same dysfunctional spiral that seemed implausible little more than a year ago. What a difference an election makes.

Seeding the soil for the kinds of candidates we want to grow in the future is as imperative a tandem as making the vote itself available widescale. The stunning thing about this POTUS is his wakeup call by default. We have a more informed populous than ever before … with its ripple effect being felt from the four and far corners.

There is a stunning global governance initiative at the forefront of seeding a more relevant, contemporary Democracy of the future and its name is SIMPOL (Simultaneous Policy). The more continental cousins on board the merrier. We don’t all have to agree, nor agree on the same things at the same time — other than a handful of essential issues at stake for us as a global whole (the Environment, the Economy, Security, Healthcare …).

Key criteria like these need to be a guaranteed part of any worldwide candidate’s campaign, otherwise they should probably be disqualified from the voting game. By defining from the get-go what a public will or will not endorse as part of their future leader’s discourse — and holding them accountable by virtue of a globally agreed-upon “safety standard” — the Voting Voice retains its necessary bipartisan diversity as well as a freshly non-divisive underpinning of harmony.
The Simpol Solution may be simpler than we think.
Worth Sync-ing about :-).