The Destruction of Hate

How To Hold Yourself Captive

Would you like to know how to build your own prison? Would you like to know how to hold yourself captive to misery that exist only from your level of perception? HATE! Just hate without limits. Spread the pain that churns in your heart with others. I have been raised to do the complete opposite- LOVE! Until adulthood, I never understood how kind words couldn’t calm a raging heart. I never knew why some could live peacefully knowing that their have targeted completely innocent people. Although it was taught to me, the lesson was still hard to grasp. Then in the midst of reflections; I realized that the reason kindness wasn’t appreciated by many was because you are not the problem. The problem existed in those individuals all along. It could be something that happened to them in their childhood, it could be something that happened as they grew older, it could be a number of reasons. But, because we all know that hate doesn’t heal hate; we have to still be kind to those people. Retaliation in words is the last thing that their need. The hate they display already shows that they feel less, unworthy, miserable. We don’t want to be a part of building onto those feelings. Being human, we’re imperfect. We all make mistakes. We may say or do things that we don’t mean and doesn’t truly represent who we are, but when we are individuals who don’t operate with hate, we soon yield. The ones who can keep going are sadly saturated in pain that only they can make up their minds to fix.

Let’s not give up on showing those individuals kindness. They need it. When you least expect your kindness may be able to break through some of the layers of pain that have accumulated from whatever troubles them. The next time you see a hurt person who is disguised as a mean-spirited person, smile. Even if you don’t say a word . . . smile. Who knows if they don’t accept it only because they don’t feel worth it? So, just smile. If your smile doesn’t work for them, at least you’ll feel great about how you’ve respected yourself.

So, what’s the bottom line, here? Hate only deteriorates the potential of who you can be. Hate only makes one more miserable. Hate only builds a wall of bricks that holds one captive. It’s worthless. It’s powerful, but powerless.