What’s Your Truth? Photo Cred: Tim Graf

The Easiest Step for Accessing Your Truth

Ever wonder what it’d be like to listen to your own internal guidance instead of someone else’s? For some reason trusting your own guidance over the thoughts of friends or even advertisements on the screen can be scarier than following your own gut. Often times we turn to friends because we want their validation and support vs moving forward with what we really feel is right for us. Change of all sizes is difficult enough as it is.

A client, Sarah, has been with a guy for almost two years now, even though she doesn’t feel deep inside that he’s the right person for her. Sarah didn’t want to cast any more pain on him since his mother recently passed and since he loves her so much thinking that she’s the one. Two years later Sarah, is finally taking the steps towards breaking up with this lovely man, but why did she choose to wait two years? It wasn’t purely because she didn’t want to hurt him, it was also because she was trying to convince herself that she should stay because he was a good guy. Her friends and family loved him, he’s a sweetheart, and Sarah couldn’t really place a finger on why she wanted out other than feeling that a relationship with him was not the right path.

Sarah was listening to external guidance causing a heavy knot to grow in her gut similar to the nose on the children’s story of Pinocchio when he tells a lie. This is why it’s so important to honor your own truth. It’s healthier. When you don’t, it physically causes DIS-ease in the body of increased weight with fight or flight stressors being activated to IBS to insomnia and infinite other bodily ailments.

Placing the importance on what others say instead of what we feel inside is literally lying to ourselves. One might think they are confused or wrong for thinking the way they do. Understand though, that many times, this is more subconscious than conscious because people are so out of tune with their body’s messages these days.

I’m currently in the process of writing a book that is geared towards activating and utilizing one’s intuition. Letting go of the external guidance and chaos so you can honor yourself and your body’s messages. This has been a journey of my own to go through, hence why I am now passing on the knowledge.

There is a power in accessing your intuition: your own personal truth and I believe that writing is the easiest way to allow your truth a voice. For others, meditation works wonders as well.

Journaling is the easiest route of providing a vehicle for reaching intuitive guidance. When writing in what people call the “stream of consciousness”, it’s actually the opposite. When you lose yourself in writing, you can actually tap in and uncover some of the subconsciousness.

As many are aware, we only use 10% of our brain, so when we have questions on something, it’s easy to get caught up in our conclusions based on past situations and experiences. The subconscious has archives of these past stories. It is where the other 90% lingers.

Through the practice of journaling, one can start to access the 90% and release raw, untapped knowledge from within. Activating the subconsciousness allows you to find answers, release emotional problems from the past stories, drum up new ideas, and sometimes can feel like pure magic. Untouched by others opinions, it is a space of creativity and curiosity that we had all the time when we were only 5 years old.

There are many types of journaling these days, one that is getting a lot of hype lately is bullet journaling, however, it is not personally for me, as it is a system of structure that does not allow the access of intuition and creativity.

I treat journaling as a sacred space. I’ll take my journal to a comfortable place then write a question at the top of the page and date it so that I can go back to it later. I then pause for a moment as my mind reflects on the question and thoughts start to flood in. As soon as these thoughts feel like they are ready to pour out of my hand onto the paper like a waterfall, I’ll put the pen to paper.

Typically, the initial thoughts are pretty obvious and most definitely from my conscious self. Usually, it takes a few sentences, maybe even paragraphs before the juicy stuff flows in. 100% of the time that I journal with a question, I am amazed at the unique advice that shows up.

Almost every morning, I start my day with meditation and journaling. I highly encourage this practice as a space to honor yourself. Get clear on what you are feeling from deep within by giving it a voice.


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