The Facebook Secrets To A Good Morning!

The Secret to a Good Morning has been preached and spoken by everyone. From Billionaries, Millionaries, high-power business men and women, and even your parents. To be honest even if you have heard it all I promise you, you haven’t.

My secret to a good morning is finding a routine that fits my life at the moment.

I tried listening to music and motivational tapes… come to find out the noise made me angry because I like peace and quiet in the morning and gently waking up.

My secret to a great morning is finding a routine that fits my life at the moment.

That is my biggest secret! After I thought about it I decided to ask my Facebook friends for more secrets. I gave them this below question.

Why not give you a handful of secrets to look at instead of just mine.

Model successful people right?

Smiling actually forces you to be happy. Try it out now.

Giving God a prayer in the morning and ask him to go before will always set your day for perfection.

Coffee anyone? Does America Still Run on Dunkin?

The gym is a get place to get sweaty and wake up the body in the morning !

So did anyone find out if America still runs on dunkin? I know we run on prayer !

Black coffee.. how else do you drink your coffee if it is not black. Can you tell I am bias?

I think I am the last of a dying breed, am I the only chanting meditator left?

Did you know when you wake up water is the 1st thing your body needs? Music sets the tone and training of course ! A heavy back squat in the morning will get anyone going!

I don’t know what a good morning routine is, but do you?

Journaling is a great way to write down how you feel in the morning when no one is up.

Prayer & Meditation are my new morning fix.

Can you tell my phone is about to die…

Coffee, prayer, workout, and intentionally !

She is a badass!

Who doesn’t like Bacon.. Even vegans miss bacon. Are you a morning bacon eater?

Good music sets the mood in more than one way. Where are all my music lovers?

Making your bed is unique because it allows you to start your day with a sense of accomplishment. Do you agree?

Good shower, hygiene, teeth, and Attitude. Who can have a bad day after a fresh shower! Not me, can you?

Can you tell my phone is still about to die..

King Hashem: praying to God.(I didn’t know who King Hashem was I had to ask myself)

Before you go can I borrow your charger.. oh you an android user.. #teamiphone never mind

Miracle morning: I believe it is a book that teaches network marketers how to start their day, but applicable in all areas of life.

Take theses ideas and build your own secret good morning schedule and comment it below

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