Our First Date After The Talk

Yesterday I got to spend my evening with an amazing woman. She has been out of town for the past week traveling for work, so I was really excited to see her. We met at her place around 6ish and walked to a nearby restaurant for an early dinner.

My emotions were kind of all over the place going into the evening. It was my first time seeing her after we both confessed our desire to only date each other. There is something about choosing another person that makes you see the relationship through a different lens.

When casually dating, I have the tendency to look at the other person through a comparison lens. It’s like I analyze their actions and behavior and compare it to that of someone else I might be casually dating. Maybe I do it to choose whom I would rather spend my time with or maybe I’m just being judgmental. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person who does this.

After dinner we hung out at her place for bit before going to a friends birthday party. It was the first time she met my friends, an important moment in any new relationship. This made me like her even more. It felt like I was letting her look closer into my world and somehow this made us even more affectionate with each other.

I am happy with where I am in this relationship. Things are moving along at a great pace and I feel adored. I am offering the same in return.

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