The Future is “Immersive Experience” In Film

The movement in media is toward on demand streaming, live video and immersive experiences.

Studios and theaters are having a hard time attracting audiences with NetFlix, YouTube, Facebook and other free media or almost free on small screens available everywhere. These are what we call “disruptive technologies” and more of them are coming.

The world is moving fast now and the movie business needs to keep up to stay competitive and relevant.

In order for studio’s and film producers to stay highly profitable, they need to create virtual D “Immersive Experience” in theaters. The technology is already being tested and used all over the world. (see link below)

These movie business professionals need to provide an experience that people can’t get at home on their small screens including feeling the chairs and floors moving, smelling the major scenes of the films (i.e.: the ocean, exotic flowers, smoke (with disclaimer on screen), rippling surround sound and an all around “immersive experience” to draw in the big audiences.

Everything is moving forward and we all have to keep growing.

The Reckoning: Why the Movie Business Is in Big Trouble

Immersion, The Future of Storytelling

Here are some examples of emerging 7d Hologram technologies…

SEE: for the video links.

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Originally published at on March 29, 2017.

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