The Gift of Today


I recently wrote an article that was written around the idea of knowing when our last day was. I firmly believe that we should live each day as if we won’t get tomorrow but this article is centered around the appreciation we must possess. Today is a gift that we didn’t even get to decide if we received.

You didn’t have to wake up today. Every single day you get up, you have been granted another opportunity to live. Each twenty-four hours that come your way shall not be taken lightly. It is so easy to let life weigh us down but not everyone got the chance to benefit from today.

The emotions of life come at us in waves and it is easy to be joyful when everything is in our favor. Although, when times get difficult we seem to lose the appreciation that our journey deserves. True happiness doesn’t reside within the ups and downs in life. Although it is easier to be upbeat when things go your way, the true happiness comes from the habit of a positive attitude.

Humans almost always allow the negativeness to wash over the positive aspects of life. We don’t give ourselves enough credit and we don’t always take time to appreciate what we have been granted. Days may start with negative thoughts, such as, “I HAVE to go to work today.” We must build a wall to blockade these thoughts because waking up this morning wasn’t guaranteed. You may have class today or you may have work, but you get the chance to leave the Earth better than you found it.

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