The Golden Marriage Tip

Often the most unique things in life are the simplest yet the most over looked. Marriage is no different. A great life lesson learned is often learned hard. We all have done it yet usually it is a little hard to admit. I read a small article that changed my perception of my husband forever.

After reading so much information about how to be a better spouse I finally stumbled upon what was golden to me. Simply treat my husband with the same attitude and respect I would my best friend. Seems so simple right? Well not exactly. If I were in a friendship and my friend had a bad day and was grumpy and stubborn and super hard to deal with, it’s usually easy to just over look them and be patient until there mood changes. I mean you would not yell at your best friend and call her names just because she has a bad day.’ But if it were your spouse on the other hand then things may be a little different.

What about benefit of the doubt? That great friend you loved so dear always got the benefit of the doubt because you knew deep down they was your friend and she was honest and could always be trusted. Hasn’t your husband proved to you all these years that he loves you? Of course he has so show him you appreciate him for doing so.

It all comes down to common decency. Give your husband the same respect and compassion you would your best friend or even a stranger. We often find ourselves being soft spoken and kind to all others, then our spouse sees the absolute worst in us. Things should not be that way.

One of the best marriage books ever written was “The 5 Love Languages.” It helps you to see your husband as more than just the man you married but more of how that his feelings and ideas matter too. And at times that means putting his needs and wants in front of yours.

Any couple that has lived 30 plus years together had great advice. Listen to what they had to say. Always try to give more than you take. And it’s not perfection but progress that counts the most.

Before marriage I would look at couples who had been together for 40 plus years and I just thought they loved each other and the rest was history, just like you see in the movies. If two people love each other enough that’s all that matters. Unfortunately life is not a movie or a fairy tale, but with hard work, love and kindness it can have a happy ending.

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