The Great Awakening

It’s in giving love to each other, helping the lost, pulling up the broken, that we all can grow to be positive contributors and stop the ongoing violence

Yesterday’s events in Las Vegas were tragic. It’s almost incomprehensible to think of the amount of pain the shooter must have been in to have exercised such bloodshed. A Collective Gain coach once said to me “No one is unaccountable and no one is evil, we are all one soul experiencing the earth together.” And I believe that.

We all stem from the same source, the same energy that is created when a human life is conceived. Where we come from, how our cells build our bodies — it’s the same in every single person on the planet. The same life force that keeps my heart beating is keeping yours beating too, and kept the shooter’s beating as he settled into his hotel room, arsenal in hand.

The point of this post is not to discuss gun law reform or motive or to try to explain or shame. It’s to suggest that the universe, our collective human spirit, is trying to wake us up.

It’s calling for a Great Awakening of the human race by showcasing with dramatic tragic event after event the pain that is held deep within our collective soul. Whether this pain is brought about by guns, bombs, planes or another tool of destruction doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we start to understand that one person’s pain is our pain. That until we lead with compassion and a goal of unity, this will continue.

We have opinions about how things should be and who is wrong and who is right, but in the end, everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone deserves compassion. Everyone deserves love, no matter what they have done. Because what separates you from the shooter, the attacker, the abuser, the drug addict … is a few life experiences, often including a lack of love and not being heard or treated with respect.

Mother Teresa once said, “If we have no peace it’s because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” It’s in giving love to each other that we all can grow to be positive contributors to the world. Whether that’s giving love to your family, your coworker, the neighborhood grocer — be kind. Show compassion. See yourself in someone else. Understand that when someone is acting badly, it’s out of pain. Just like when my kids act up, I know they need more one-on-one time, more attention, more love.

Ridding the world of these tragic events will not come with more reform, more control, more mandates. It will come with love, understanding, care, support for those who are lost, those experiencing a lack — lack of love, care, support and connection with spirit.

To do your part, work on yourself, on your inner world. You too have pain, as we all do to varying degrees. Heal it. Show up with such awareness, consciousness and love that you can’t help but be a light on this planet. Work on your own spirit so that you can see the world and its people as a place for growth, compassion and divine beauty, no matter where someone comes from, who they want to marry, how they look or what they believe. No one, repeat, no one is perfect. We all have our challenges, we all have work to do. All our issues show up in daily life, in our interactions with others, until we heal them. Your pain, my pain, will continue to be passed around and around until we take the time and care to heal our own wounds.

How many more cries for help do we need to hear before we start taking action? Before we start learning what it means to really forgive, to really love, to really let down our guard to connect one on one to another human with love and compassion? To see their pain as our pain?

I believe all the healers we need to solve this problem, our collective pain, are here on this planet, right now. The universe is always in perfect balance. For the amount of pain that’s out there, there is an equal measure of love and compassion. Now it’s about bringing light and compassion to those in pain. Together. Letting our fear and guard down, and working to balance out our collective energy.

It’s your job to follow your passion, share your gifts and show up fully in your life. Because the world needs you, we as a civilization need you. It’s a mystery how the puzzle pieces fit together, but they do, and matches will be made, pieces will come together, to heal our planet.

Let go of expectation. Let go of soulless desires. Step into purpose. Step into spirit. Step into exactly who it is you’re meant to be. Serve the way you uniquely can.

Whether that means raising children who understand that kindness is the most important thing, or helping businesses keep their books balanced and encouraging them to donate to a cause. If even just a few of us lead with purpose, the world will begin to change. Innovation will come in the form of compassion and not greed. People who used to be afraid will create programs to help the very people they despise. Politicians who can really listen, who can bring people together, will come up with solutions that make everyone feel heard. And the world will begin to feel whole again.

Do your own work, deep within, so you can love yourself and love others. Heal yourself so you can heal others. Find your divinely granted purpose so you can serve others. They’re waiting for you. We’re waiting for you.

You’re just as much a part of the solution as anyone. The time is now, the Great Awakening is waiting for you to become your best self and lead with light.


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