The Heart of Joy

6 Practical Tools to Awaken Your Joy in 2018 and beyond!

Tis the season to indulge in not so nourishing practices.

Here are 6 practical ways that help me to stay connected to my joy throughout the holidays and beyond…

  1. Give the gift of your presence. This is what our friends and family will remember more than the sweater, candle or expensive gifts. Giving of your time and service to help someone you know in need, always feels like a gift to the giver.

2. Take Care of Your Health- We are in midst of going into the winter season. A time for withdrawal, take some time each and every day that is for you, preferably at the start of each day to be quiet and connect with your heart.

3. Food as Medicine- Heal thyself with nourishing food. You will feel better and have more energy to do the things that matter most to you. Take some time to cook your own food each week.

4. Gratitude- Remember those that have helped you during this past year, and consider sending a thank you note to them. Receiving a hand written letter is a rare gift these days.

5. Exercise- I realized recently that I needed to put back cardio into my life to sweat my prayers, as well as practice yoga. Find an activity like dance, running, whatever it is that connects you with your joy. Put it on your calendar, as an appointment with your joy!

6. Ask Yourself: What is your true nature? What support your true nature? Write down answers and see what comes up. If you don’t feel supported in your nature, think about what activities, people and places that might support your true nature in the coming year. This is where I find my joy, and this is what people truly love about you.

As we move out of 2017 and into 2018, let us continue to find ways to stay coneected in the heart. To realize we are all interconnected. When we are in rhythm with the rhythm of life, all of life flows. When we are connected to our joy, we find that rhythm. We feel connected to all beings.

I am especially grateful to Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of “Wake Up To The Joy of You”, spiritual counselor, August Gold, and Paula Tursi, founder of Reflections Center For Conscious Living and Yoga for inspiring me to stay connected, awake and in touch that which brings me joy. Please feel free to share what brings you joy in the comments below!

“But I also say this: that light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness, when it’s done right, is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive. ”

Mary Oliver

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