The Joy of the Jump

Silencing fear to create your best life.

“The Jump”: the moment you become the living embodiment of the Nike slogan. The moment you stop making excuses and go all in.

There are countless viewpoints about this turning point in life, from “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks to the Steve Harvey segment that went viral. All of them say the same thing: to be truly happy and live to the fullest you need to go all in. You have to align what you do to your deepest desires and who you want to be. The WHY.

The reality is, though, you’ll only be able to jump when you’re ready.

I recently made the big jump to go full time into my own professional development and coaching business. I had been working in talent development & culture and dancing around this move for a while. I had started the business, set up the legal filings, moved to part time work so I could make more time for my business, and yet, it was still terrifying to go all in.

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So how do you beat those nerves and finally make your jump?!

I’m a huge fan of the growth mindset, which I talk about in depth in this article. If you’re not familiar with the concept, start there.

The growth mindset truly changed my outlook on life. In retrospect, I’ve realized that the growth mindset I instilled over the past few years had equipped me to make the jump that I finally made. It set me up with many different smaller “growth experiences” that solidified the belief in me that making a leap into something unknown was OK.

  • I made the jump to move from my solid role as a Media Supervisor with an upwards trajectory on the massive Google account onto the Talent Development & Culture team within my advertising agency.
  • I made the jump to move to Colorado from my home of the SF Bay Area (having only 1 friend here).
  • I made the jump to start my own business and go part time to make it happen.

I made a lot of little jumps such as talking to my managers about vacation time or my hours. I made jumps to have conversations I didn’t want to have, ask things I was nervous about, and try the road not traveled.

And guess what?! All of those experiences turned out just fine. So when the time came to make the jump to go 100% into my business as my sole source of income, I dove right in.

A few weekends ago during a talk I heard a speaker say that we shouldn’t stand outside of our greatness. She used the example of a backup singer who should have been center stage. “Most people spend a lot of their lives right outside of their greatness. They circle it and get some hints of it, but don’t step all the way in”.

What fun is that?

Playing it safe is just fine if that’s your priority, but it’s certainly not mine. If you don’t try you certainly will never “fall into” your best life — I know that for sure. Personally, I believe I owe it to myself to find out what I can become when I go all in. There is no plan B. Maybe a different outcome, but no going backwards.

I’ve jumped time after time after time, and now I’m standing in my lead singer role soaking up the moment.

If you feel like you’re right on the cusp of the work you want to be doing (or maybe not even circling it yet), let me know in the comments. Reach out. I understand all of the feelings that go along with it, but remember, all you have to do is take the first step and jump.

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