The Life-changing Magic of Wait-loss.

Stop waiting for the right person or thing to change your Life.

It started with a single photo — a woman dressed in a Carnival costume.

As I looked at my photo stream that evening, I felt drawn to this photo. I saw someone I thought I recognized.

There she was, this woman in a blue costume. She looked happy, excited. In fact, she looked radiant.

I stared at that photo for several minutes because it had taken me several years to find this woman.

She was several pounds lighter, with tight toned abs.

She no longer wore her hair in the shoulder length relaxed way I had known; instead she rocked a short natural fro.

She carried herself differently.

She sounded different too — her words no longer carefully chosen in an effort to fit in. Instead she spoke with a different timbre to the voice, words filled with compassion and a deep sense of purpose.

I noticed recently, that she’d often stop to take photos of the sky, or the sunset or a tree in bloom. A few weeks before, I’d spotted her parked on the side of the road taking photos of a Flamboyant tree, which was in the peak of its flowering. She’d spent quite a few minutes there, taking various shots, with a broad smile on her face. She gave off an air of wonder and joy, of a deep sense of appreciation for the simple beauty that nature had brought forth.

A few days later, I had the chance to speak with her one on one. I was intrigued by this apparent transformation.

When I’d first met her many years before, she had been a Family Physician, the owner of a busy Clinic. Never too busy though, to stop and chat, and ask you how you were doing.

Today, she welcomed me into her new Office. She was different. So different……

She was indeed slimmer and more toned. And yes, her hair was shorter… but I felt that the transformation went deeper.

I had to ask… “You’ve lost weight. You look amazing. Please tell me how you did it”

She leaned back, and with a smile and a twinkle in her eye she said “Yes. I know I seem different. And yes, I lost weight. But most importantly, I’ve lost WAIT”

She knew I was puzzled by this statement. My eyes gave it all away.

And so, she elaborated.

“I lost a few pounds. I exercise consistently, eat clean and drink loads of water.

I meditate regularly, try to journal daily, and spend time in nature.

I have a deep abiding faith in God; in a Higher Power guiding my life.

I spend time with my family and friends as often as I can.

My work has become more of a vocation, something I’ve felt called to do.

I know I have a calling, and that I am to use this calling as a Doctor/Healer/ Coach.”

She paused, looked deeply at me and said,

“But the most important thing I think is that I’ve lost ‘w-a-i-t’.

I’m no longer waiting for the perfect time to do what I need to do or say what needs to be said.

I no longer wait to use the good china or cutlery.

I’m no longer waiting for things to be just right or for the right person to come along before I can be happy.

I’m no longer waiting for the number on the scale to determine what I will wear or where I will go…… or how I feel.

I’m not waiting for my hair to be just right or for my nails to be done before I can go out.”

Or standing around waiting for them to do it. Because them is me. I have to do what needs to be done. I have to be the change I need to see in my World

Once again she paused, primarily to see whether I had gotten the message.

She laughed softly, then said that her weight loss had followed her wait-loss.

Once she’d made the decision to live her truth, and to live her life with joy and authenticity, she’d been able to shed so much more than pounds. She’d shed the expectations that the World had placed on her and had simply stepped back into herself, into the magic and miracles life was eager to share with her.

She’d stepped back into the joy of being in love with herself and her life.

“I get it”, I said excitedly. “I really get it.”

She leaned back in her chair, the smile now even wider. As I took my leave, she turned and hugged me tightly.

“Go forth, my friend” she said. “Go forth and embrace the magic of YOUR wait-loss”

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