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…the long way home!

DigiGigaGopolis is a city erased from modern history books, thus lost… Long — long ago, our planet was part of the Milky Way’s sister galaxy, and aptly named Mother’s Hip.

Before there came to be multiple continents, where inhabitants attempted to emulate the Mother’s Hip cultural blue-print, there was one land mass, one civilization, many peoples and one eco-city, which covered 32% of the singular continent on planet Mother’s HipDigiGigaGopolis.

DigiGigaGopolis was massive and included: forests, rivers, lakes, deserts, tropics and mountains…imagine the eco-diversity and land mass of present-day Rio times 100….imagine habitats that were all “inGrowths” of the various terrains — thus there were tree houses, cave dwellings, and the only topical structures made by our ancestors were in regions covered in clouds, under water or in the desert sands.

Because of the curvature of the planet (which was formerly an asteroid-like mass) and the diversity of the ecosystems, inhabitants adapted their epidermal coverings to best survive in their respective environments; Blue-Black, Red, Yellow White and Green. Later these epidermal coverings became permanent and called “races,” but the original inhabitants were adaptive and chameleon-like…morphing into the appropriate “cover,” which was dictated by the present eco-system. It could be said that the residents of Mother’s Hip were “shape-shifters,” as they could “shape-shift” and adapt their epidermal coverings.


In the beginning of recorded time, the strongest, most durable epidermal covering, was adorned by the Blue-Black tribe. Various shades of this skin cover (color) were necessary to withstand long exposures to direct sun. The Blue-Blacks proved to be the most resilient, and they could endure the longest periods without nourishment. Additionally they were the first to build structures out of shaped soil (sand). METAL


In the beginning of recorded time, the second-most durable epidermal covering, was Red. While it was later said that Red was a mixture of Blue-Black and Yellow, the original clan of Red were also exposed to massive amounts of direct sun, but adapted their living quarters inside of indigenous structures such as hills, mountains and trees. EARTH


In the beginning of recorded time, the second-most feared warrior, and least camouflaged epidermal covering, was Yellow. Many of this tribe inhabited colder, snow-covered terrains. While their white counterparts also inhabited snow covered terrains, the whites chose to blend with the falling flakes of ice [which they eventually interpreted as “chosen to emulate what falls from above” as if this were a privilege]. The yellow epidermal covering also proved to have an aversion to build structures out of shaped soil (clay). WOOD


In the beginning of recorded time, the least protected from the elements was those with the White epidermal covering. They grew more body hair as they lived in colder portions of DigiGigaGopolis and ate more roots of plants than the other tribes. They found it necessary to trade and barter with the other tribes, as their natural resources were scarce. They became the neediest and therefore most resentful of the tribes. WATER


In the beginning of recorded time, the most adaptable epidermal covering, was Green. They were the first to live in trees and with plants. In addition to having a high level of chlorophyll consumption, this tribe also morphed to inhale CO2 and exhale O2. They were perfect candidates to live underwater, after the continent broke into seven pieces [Africa, Asia, Europa, Australia/Oceana, South America, North America, Antartica]. FIRE

…it’s a long way home to discover and uncover the past. With not much time to acquire, digest and build upon, we think it’s time to plan for tomorrow using the evolved toolsets that are getting dusty as we have been too busy resisting destiny and created greed and ego-based roadblocks, that are certain to reduce it all to rubble [left unbridled].

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Diem Jones

Diem Jones is a poet, musician, multi-media artist, and arts administrator. He is also co-founder and past of E.D. VONA/Voices (VONA) and Murray Gove.