The Meaning of Life is Simple

Have you ever thrown your eyes to the sky in search of answers? Have you spent countless hours turning every rock you can find, running from places to people, from churches to gurus, from mythology to philosophy, in search for meaning, in hope of finding something that awakes your soul that makes you cling to every single day like it’s your last rather than wishing your hours away sitting at a desk? Have you ever felt so small and invisible in this noisy world full of people wanting their voices to be heard, that you actually wished that you were, in fact, invisible, because it would somehow seem easier? Life, a four letter word that glues everything together, the sum total of your experiences and moments from the day of your birth until your last breath. This will be your life story. So why are humans not savoring every gulp of air, chasing every sunset and dancing under the moonlight, every night? This universe is incredible and totally mind blowing. Planet earth is beautiful beyond words. The sun, the moon, the stars, plant life, animal life, rock life, the oceans, the rivers, the mountains. Too spectacular for words. This earth was created to serve life and existence. Scientists have discovered that if gravity was a little stronger than it is, stars would burn out faster and the sun would have reach a gigantic size that would destroy earth completely. If that is not mind blowing, I don’t know what is. There were no mistakes or accidents when this universe was created. So, then there is the human race. Gasp! A species that has done nothing but fight against the natural rhythm of nature and created an imbalanced harmony of peace throughout every single nation. You only have to flick through a newspaper or switch on the t.v to see the grievous, deplorable acts of arbitrary that are poisoning every corner of our world on a daily basis. 
A new day, a new blood headline steals your attention, ‘One Person Murdered, Fifteen Killed, Another Explosion, Two Hundred Dead and Counting.’ Materialistic headlines warp your mind, ‘Kim Kardashians Amazing Ass, Chanel this and Gucci that, Instagram Your Fabulous Eyebrows, #Onpoint’! Two extremely different worlds right there. One which illustrates precisely, the value of every single moment and every single breath taken. The other world, another extreme reality for the rich and famous, incites feelings of not good enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, the need for more make up to cover up that you’re not human enough. It really makes you wonder doesn’t it, what it’s all about. What lies in the middle. How can one form a path and walk between the two in peace and harmony with all the real beauty and glory that exists in bountiful. 
With all these people dying, I can’t help but wonder who’s next. As morbid as it sounds, it’s becoming an everyday reality. It could be me, it could be you, and that is life grabbing us all by the throat. It poses many questions. For one, if death arrived for you tonight, would the life you have lived, so far, have been worth it? 
Are we doing enough every day to become better people? Are we making the most of life? What are we contributing to the world that ignites change for the better for the future generations? What is the meaning of all this killing, fighting, hurting and consumerism? Who’s dream have we bought into? Are we living life on our terms or someone else’s? So many questions, not enough answers, or perhaps the answer is staring us right in the eye. Peace. Love. Light. How simple, how blissful. Everyone wants to find the meaning of life to somehow become awakened and enlightened. It’s the million-dollar question that everyone is silently screaming out for. A tonic, a medicine, a formula to help them endure the suffering and animosity that exists in this world. Of course, you feel sick, tired and depressed, it’s no wonder, the fear from the media and toxic people seeps into your bones and blood and secretes cortisol, the stress hormone. Perhaps, people don’t need to find the meaning of life, but simply remember the spirituality of their body, the earth and see how connected we all are to this vast universe and from there, learn to create peace of mind, because the best antidote to uncertainty, fear and anxiety is to show up with more love and light. We need love and compassion in our lives that makes us feel so good, that we don’t even begin to question the meaning of life because we’re so enthralled and charmed by the beauty around us. 
This is not difficult, this is letting go of all the ways that society has manipulated your feelings, this is standing up for your right to exist, knowing that you were no accident because the universe places everything in its right place, and you’re here for a cause bigger than perceived flaws and societal laws. 
If you are struggling to find your way, or feel stuck or bombarded with life right now, take a moment and wrap yourself up in a blanket and lay down, think of all the things that humans do that no other creature can do. Imagine this planet, without language, words, books, songs, musical instruments, laughter, poetry, dancing, paintings, art, cups of tea and glasses of milk in front of the fire, the smell of freshly baked bread, the feeling of skin on skin and someone grabbing your hand. Think about the miracle that your body is, hundreds of bones, organs, blood cells and your amazing heart effortlessly pumping hard to keep you alive. Nothing is more spiritual or magnificent than the human body that you’ve been given to travel through this journey. Don’t be late in showing up for your life because you were doing your eyebrows or worrying about what someone else thinks of you. Life is not when, it is now. Love it, feel it, touch it, cling to every little simple thing for they are big things. 
We are the people of the universe. This universe was made for us. We were given five beautiful senses to enjoy everything that life has to offer. At any given moment, time or place we can touch, feel, smell, see or taste something that adds meaning to our lives. Is this not reasoning enough to believe that we don’t need to search for the meaning of life but simply remember the meaning, which is to experience, to love and to be grateful for everyday that we are alive. To remember the people who are not here, the ones who died young and the ones who died in the womb — for they never got a chance to breathe fresh air or feel water on their skin, a chance to swim in the sea or feel the sand between their toes. We are the lucky ones. It’s all about gratitude and opening our eyes to what is in front of us now. 
Peace. Love. Light.

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