The Connection to Meaningfulness

During a new client session a couple of months ago, I received another daily confirmation of what I believe to be true at the deepest level, across the board.

People seek Meaningfulness. Gut level Connection. And Clarity. In their work. In their daily actions. In their interactions with others.

When we find meaningfulness, we know it. It makes itself known to us through a feeling that permeates our minds and bodies.

In all areas of my work in the world, whether ghostwriting, coaching, editing, creating an idea for a wellness event, connecting people together, promoting, marketing, or consulting…the greatest success — and the greatest sense of deep satisfaction — come from being connected to how I’m feeling in the moment of that thing I’m doing. And helping others to allow themselves to discover and connect with how they feel in what they are doing.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Without the goal of being connected to the ways in which our work, our relationships, and our daily actions make us feel, we are just going through the motions. Writing is only another page of words. Work is only an effort to complete a series of tasks. Relationships are only the maintaining of a surface level agreement.

Feeling is the foundation that ignites the ideas, words, and clarity that provide the meaningfulness we thrive on. And from that place come decisions, products, deep connections — and our greatest success —

Inner fulfillment and purpose.

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