The Ministry Of Reconciliation

The greatest gift you can give this season.

As I watched the video of the reconciliation of Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas, I could not help but be moved. Here you have two gentlemen who were the best of friends divided by rivalry and offense. They missed out 29 years of friendship, accomplishments, and life events due a quarrel.

Those of us in Christ should never have pride mentioned among us but unfortunately that isn’t the case. There are many a broken fellowship in The Body because this spirit. If God has placed it on your heart to reach out to someone to make amends, do it. Not because of the ending of a year cliche but because of recognition of the time of year.

We are celebrating the holiday season in reference to the Greatest Gift that we could have ever been given, our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. He was given as a sacrifice for our reconciliation. Speaking of time, that is another gift in which we are given and only He is the Measurer.

I admonish you to lay your differences to the side and reconcile with your loved ones while you are still able. I’ve seen the pain of someone who let a friend leave here before the call was made. All it takes is a simple and sincere apology. May the sacrifice of pride be the greatest gift for families, friends, and relationships this holiday season.