The Most Important Element to Address in Your Quest to Make More Money!

Money looms large in our inner world and day-to-day lives. Our relationship with money is often driven by fear of lack and frequent feelings of insufficiency. Even those who are financially “successful” in the eyes of mainstream society can fall prey to this sense that there is no reaching the point of “enough.”

What this can lead to is an insatiable quest for “more.” When that desire for “more” goes undefined, it can haunt you ruthlessly.

So what is the most important element to address in your quest to make more money? It is understanding and elevating you “Money Vibe.” Your Money Vibe consists of the energy created by your beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts about money. It is a big package and likely consumes more of your inner workings than you realize.

So much attention is paid to getting more money without ever stopping to address the feelings associated with this desire.

We need to unpack our relationship with money. If you were to think about money as if it were a person in your life, how would you describe the relationship? Do you get along well? Are you close? Do you argue a lot, or do you get a warm glow of emotion when thinking of it? You have a relationship with money; that is certain. The problem is that the relationship you have may not be healthy and is likely deeply unconscious to you. Your relationship with money is what we will unpack in this book. You can hold money in a positive, proactive, and powerful way. In fact, if you have any hope of true financial freedom, you must.

There is such emotional energy around money and yet there is very little support for the cultivation of your inner life — a life of meaning, awareness, development of spiritual capacity, and understanding the self. Our culture is out of balance. There is an intense focus on the outer conditions in our lives and so little attention paid to inner development. That is where your Money Vibe comes in.

I firmly believe you cannot have a powerful experience of life without creating a powerful relationship with money. By that I mean you are clear about what money means to you, how you hold and interact with it, and what you believe about it. Being unconscious about money means that you will assume the thoughts and beliefs of the surrounding culture. You can end up spending your life in an endless search for “more” and never achieve what you seek because the thirst for more can be endless.

In many ways, we are blind to money’s impact on our lives. We worry about it, wish for it, ignore it, fear it, make decisions based on it, and yet we often don’t comprehend its role in our lives. Rather than focusing solely on acquiring more money, focus instead on creating a positive Money Vibe of beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts that empower you about making, having and sharing wealth.

What we need to grapple with is the fact that money can buy many things and experiences. It is an excellent tool in that way. The irony, however, is that money cannot buy what most of us are seeking! Once you get beyond basic survival needs, what most people want are love, connection, happiness, satisfaction, and the feeling of making a difference. Fundamentally, we want to feel that our lives matter. Money can enhance happiness (there are excellent studies to show this), but the one thing money cannot buy is a meaningful life. You and only you can create that.

To raise your Money Vibe, you must address the limiting thoughts and beliefs that you very likely harbor about money and your ability to generate the level of success that you desire. There are so many ways to raise your Money Vibe, but let’s just address these three key areas:

1. Recognize that true financial freedom means never having to worry about money, whether you have any or not!

This means not being consumed by thoughts and fears about money, but instead seeing it as a tool for expressing and creating what you want in life. The qualities of financial freedom are peace of mind, generosity, gratitude, joy, and positivity. People who are financially free see the possibilities for growth everywhere and have more ideas about how to create wealth than they can possibly implement. They are not greedy; rather, they have cultivated a mindset that sees growth, potential and possibility.

2. Elevate low vibe states.

Your ability to raise low vibe states (angst, worry, frustration, resignation, and so on) is key in understanding how to elevate your vibe. Elevating low vibe states does not mean you feign happiness when you are sad, or act joyful when you are angry. That is inauthentic and leads to all manner of disconnection. How you elevate lower vibe states is by simply acknowledging them. If you allow yourself to feel a state but not identify with it as being your identity, or being the truth of your life, the state will pass and you can choose a higher thought, a more powerful state. Your goal is to go one step higher in consciousness from where you are now.

If you find yourself in constant survival thinking, your first task, through self-awareness, is to recognize that is where you are operating, and then change your thinking to the next highest state possible. It is possible to shift out of lower states, but most people feel that they are a victim of their own thoughts and emotions. You are not! Your higher mind, the part of you that observes the lower states operating, has the ability to talk back to the lower state, to choose a different thought, and to shift one’s energy to a different feeling. With repetition, this process leads to the creation of new beliefs.

With effort and focus you can make a difference in your financial life by raising your vibe. That means giving up any cynicism, blame, and despair and get actively engaged in creating different thinking, looking for new opportunities and engaging in higher level conversations. Massive overnight transformations in consciousness happen, but they are rare. Most people plod along, changing their inner landscape a little at a time. Knowing you “should” do certain things or be a certain way does not make it happen. When you diligently practice self-awareness and are willing to give up living in lower vibe states, you will create different outcomes with ease.

3. Live in a constant state of gratitude.

What does gratitude have to do with increasing your financial freedom? Everything. Gratitude is a high vibe state. The more you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, the more you create a high vibe for your life. This creates a positive feedback loop where your attitude of gratitude raises your vibe, and having a higher vibe lends toward being more grateful. A study at the National Academy of Sciences found that grateful people advance further in their careers, are less materialistic and earn more money. This research validates the premise of this post that living in with an elevated vibe leads to greater financial success.

To create a new experience with money, you must desire something so different from what you are now experiencing that you are willing to change your beliefs, emotions and thoughts about money at a deep level. Financial freedom rests not in your bank account, but in your consciousness.

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