The Most Powerful Tool for Your Next Adventure

How Meditation Creates a Relaxing Travel Experience.

Throughout our lives, we often see picturesque images of beautiful, relaxing travel experiences spanning across brochures, flyers, postcards, and advertisements. Travel is often synonymous with disconnecting, checking out, and detaching from our daily lives so that when we return to our routine, we feel inspired, uplifted and energized to begin again.

Yes, there is something profoundly healing in allowing travel to create that space and time away from our hectic lives. However, disconnecting and turning off all the noise, judgments, and outside perceptions for several days, poses some other unique challenges — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

To flow smoothly through the process of travel and open up to the sacred space of healing that can take place while we are away, consistent meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can use to support our adventures.

How can quieting your mind impact your entire travel experience in a positive way? Below are nine benefits that will encourage you to meditate and look within for the innate wisdom you were born with so that you can experience a seamless healthy and happy trip from start to finish.

1. Eases Travel Frustration.
While traveling, there are so many things to think about, take care of, and plan, which means these tasks often create more stress and anxiety than your regular daily routine. These challenges can come from pre-travel planning, packing, flights, adjusting to unfamiliar food, time changes, delays, cancellations, jet-lag, transportation, and other uncertainties that arise. Meditation prior, during, and after your trip reduces much of the stress associated with these uncontrollable factors. Through quieting the mind, you will create the space to detach, have patience, pause before you respond, and become mindful of what actions will serve your highest good.

2. Keeps You Grounded if You are Traveling with Others.
Traveling with family, friends, or children creates an incredible opportunity to grow as a group. Being with others in a new environment for a consecutive period, away from your current circumstances, will help you discover the type of relationships, friends, and energy you want to surround yourself with when you go home. While traveling, your companions can become inspirational teachers and a mirror of your weaknesses and insecurities. Through meditation, you can internally discover a way past these issues, a healthy relationship to others, and also stay grounded when tension with your travel partners arise. Ultimately, you will create stronger relationships, especially the one with yourself for when you return home.

3. Helps You Embrace The Present Moment.
Although you may have left your to-do-list at home, the “I will never be here again” mentality that often surfaces while traveling may push you to run from one experience to the next. For example, not enjoying an entire sunset because there are more sites to see or not giving your body time to sit and rest. The constant motion adds additional stress and exhaustion, which keeps you from enjoying your full travel experience. Meditation opens your awareness to quality experiences over quantity. It allows you to move through the feelings of being deprived, slow down, and embrace the present moment so that you can enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of what you are experiencing on your trip.

4. Heals Any Pain That Might Surface
Travel creates an opportunity for your awareness to shift, which often results in positive and negative memories, feelings, and emotions surfacing. Consistent meditation allows you to move through this experience with ease and understanding. This experience gives you the opportunity for your consciousness to expand and your belief systems to change positively. When these altered states of feelings come up (especially from repressed trauma and buried belief systems), you can take a beautiful moment and use meditation to forgive, heal, and shift to a place of gratitude, which can be life-altering. Rather than dealing with unexplained emotional confusion on your travels, meditation can offer a space for compassion and love to move forward.

5. Prompts You To Embrace fear.
Travel brings up fear. It brings up fears from our childhood, current fears, and fear for our future. It brings up fears of life and death and the ‘big-life’ questions that you face. Travel presents opportunities to conquer the fears you might not normally have to confront or face. For example, maybe you are afraid of flying over the water, swimming in the ocean or trekking through the rainforest. Using meditation as a tool while traveling allows you to create a safe space to embrace your fears, harness the energy behind the fears, and remove them from your experience. You might also be afraid or fearful and not sure why. Meditation allows you to look objectively at the situation and compassionately move through the confusion, which will create dramatic shifts in your life.

6. Helps You Stay Aligned With Your Highest Self.
While traveling, it is easy to become very disconnected with yourself, throw out your internal compass, and declare “When in Rome.” This behavior can leave you with feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. For example, disconnecting from yourself and the purpose of your trip can lead to binge eating, sun tanning for hours, drinking through the night, not sleeping, spending unnecessary money, gambling and so forth. Meditation supports you in staying grounded and in alignment with what will truly make you happy and healthy. Balance is crucial, even while traveling. Clarity of these feelings and the understanding that they are only temporary are discovered through a calm, quiet mind. Meditation provides a powerful roadmap to guide you on your journey so that you can make the right choices.

7. Helps You Stay Committed to Your Wellbeing.
Fueling your body with healthy food, daily movement, taking healing supplements, and performing self-care rituals are just as important overseas as they are while you are home. Sticking to a healthy routine might feel overwhelming. Meditation, however, will create a space where you align with your deepest goals and your commitment to your health and well-being. Looking within and connecting to your highest self will create a mindset shift to be more willing to embrace healthy choices. Doing things like moving daily, walking between tourist sites, researching healthy places to eat, hiding your hotel snacks upon arrival, joining the locals for a workout session, packing your “self-care” items, staying on a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, and so forth will keep you healthy throughout your travels. Through quieting your mind, an energetic shift in your body will take place that will encourage healthy behaviors on your travels!

8. Gives You the Tools to Dream Bigger.
Work, financial pressures, relationships, and simply just stress may be the reasons you want to get away and travel to a far off land. However, these circumstances might be sitting at the forefront of your mind and can drag you down, making you feel trapped in your current reality even while laying in a hammock overlooking the ocean. Meditation will support you in further disconnecting and visualizing a life beyond your current circumstances. It allows you to discover a particular clarity and honesty that will help you identify what you want to bring more of into your life.

9. Helps You Discover Your Inner Voice.
Friends, family, and mentors can be influential role models, but to transcend your current awareness you often have to remove yourself from those around you and look within. Being alone at times while traveling helps you develop your thoughts patterns inspired from within. There is powerful intuition within you that is guiding you; you just need to harness it. It is easy, while at home, to try to take everyone else’s recommendations, but while traveling, you have time to be alone and can realign and break through blockages and limiting beliefs that are not your own. Most of us carry around childhood memories, past traumas, and pain, causing severe stress that roots itself in our subconscious and manifests itself in negativity. Space while traveling paired with meditation offers the opportunity for your conscious and subconscious thought patterns to become congruent, so you can break through your barriers that you have unconsciously set. Your traveling can become a healing transformation so you can trust YOUR intuition when you arrive home and make the decisions that are best for you.

There are dozens of ways in which sitting in silence and regrouping from a change in surroundings and new experiences can positively support your travel experience. Meditation will help you find your center, balance, and stay grounded in the midst of any chaos that arises.

You will be able to tap into your inner bliss and continue to support your spiritual growth. But most importantly, using this tool while traveling will encourage you to return feeling refreshed, healthy, and happy.

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