As long as I can remember my dad never talked much about his growing up. When I was very young I never knew I had cousins on his side of the family till one Christmas my mom showed me pictures of them. I did not even know dad had siblings. I knew I had Grandparents, because he called them every Sunday night and i got cards on every birthday. I grew up in Northern California near my mom’s family and was very familiar with her big family gatherings. From her frequent visits and our spending holidays with them and picnics. When I was 10 Dad took the family by car all the way across the United States to Toledo, Ohio where he was born and grew up. I remember being excited about meeting these cousins I never knew and wanting to get there very quickly. Upon getting there and meeting these cousins and thinking it was pretty cool they lived in these houses that had attics and basements, something the houses did not have in California were I grew up, I would learn somethings. Their birthdays and that they wore uniforms and went to catholic schools, and that when we went to a German Festival with them, we were German. Something I never thought about. Also that my Grandparents house in which we were staying had been in the family for quite some time and that dad had an attic bedroom with his siblings. I also found my dad was like one of hardy boys he had that house rigged. There were wires going across the ceiling of his room that allowed him to listen in from his room on phone conversations and what his parents said during their bridges games, also wires that made his stereo go off when Grandpa opened the door so he would not get caught listening to music why doing his homework. This amazed me, showed how smart and how tricky dad was. Though Grandma and Grandpa would come out to visit a few times before their passing and dad would return a couple times for his parents 50th Anniversary and his dad’s funeral I would never see Ohio again.

Dad playing paper boy and I always thought he was born in a suit.

Even with that trip I still do not know much about dads growing up or the history of the family. Dad shared few memories of his growing up. Like one year he dressed as robot for Halloween that he made form cardboard boxes and pretended to be a paper boy. He told a story of going out to a cabin for the summer with some cousins and that he cut a hole in his dad’s suit jacket when his fishing rod hooked onto the jacket. He also spoke of helping an Aunt move her heavy rot Iron stove down two flights of stairs with his dad. I heard very few stories of his childhood, though I would ask and he would say I do not remember. From his class pictures and yearbooks, I knew he went to Catholic schools, played in the band , was on the locker squad and was a cub scout. Dad was a very staunch Catholic, he went to church every Sunday until he became ill and felt guilty if he did not give up meat for lint every year. After he passed away and both my grandparents were gone and with no one left to ask questions to I embarked on a further journey into dad’s family through the internet and every Genealogical site I could find, I was able to put some of the pieces together of my roots and even get to know some of my dad’s cousins and retrieve a few more pics of my dad and his child hood. But still have holes to fill.

Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day in 1941.

My Dad’s roots began in Lucas County, Toledo Ohio where he was born and grew up the oldest of three kids. Dad was an accountant and his dad Walter Schrinel was a designer draftsman for a glass company. Walter grew up the middle son of three boys in Richfield Township, Ohio were they were all born. My Great Uncles Raymond and Paul have long since passed away. Raymond would stay in Ohio, marry and have daughter, and work as a sales clerk, why’ll Paul settled into Virginia with his wife and four kids after a long stent in the military. Walter Frederick Schrinel and Genevieve Cecilia Richards married on August 9, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio. Though I do not know how they met, I do know it was during War Time because Grandpa told me they had to get ration cards to get sugar for their cake. Grandpa soon went off to serve in World War ll in the Army. Raymond and Paul also served in World War ll. My Great Grandfather Charles Schrinel served in World War l, along with his brother Fredrick who was a furniture maker. Charles Schrinel was born February 25, 1884 in Richfield Township, Ohio, as was his older brother Fredrick and his sisters Anna Mary, Rosalina and Iona. Charles was a laborer, a carpenter in a factory, which was a hobby for my grandfather who had his own workshop in a shed behind his house. Charles Andrew Schrinel married Rosa Harley in May of 1904 in Ohio. Still searching for a record on the marriage to get more exact. My father’s one memory of his grandfather was that he watched cartoons with him, and he possibly did not understand English. While quite the contrary he is documented as speaking both German and English. Which leaves me to believe it was television he did not relate to well to, he came from era where it was Radio or nothing. So television would be quiet alien to him. Charles was actually the last to speak German in the family, and why the language stopped in the family mystifies me.

Great Grandma Rose Harley and Great Grandpa Charles Schrinel.

Charles father was Andrew Schrinel who was born December 11, 1850 in Maumee, Ohio. He married Mary Ann Gross July 18, 1876, in Mary Grove, Ohio. Mary Ann was born in Germany between 1857 and 1859. Andrew was a farmer. They raised 5 kids on a small farm in Raab Corners, Ohio. Their oldest child Fred who was born July 7, 1877 and as I said before was a Furniture maker in a furniture factory, He married four times and would ultimately out live three of his four wives. His first wife Bertha Catherine Langenderfer, would die ten years into their marriage of a viral infection, leaving their seven year old son Fred Jr. without a mother. His second wife Magdalena Leva Fell would die four years into their marriage, in the 1920 tornado that struck Mary Grove, Ohio in the middle of the night causing a chimney to fall on her and kill her and breaking Fred’s leg why they were asleep. They had a daughter Dorothy who was all of three years old at the time, and Fred Jr. who was now 13 at the time. Both unharmed by the tornado. Fred’s third wife Margaret Miller would also die four years into their marriage of breast cancer. At this point Fred Jr was 19 and Dorothy was 9. They would eventually grow up and settle with their own families in Michigan. Fred Jr would marry Louisa P. Karsh and Dorothy would marry Gerald Carter. Fred Snr. Would marry one final time to Josephine Long. A great Aunt my dad would remember visiting when he was growing up. Fred’s sister Anna Mary was born October 3, 1878. She married a farmer by the name of Joseph A. Miller. They had three children Joseph, Walter and Charles. Charles would die at three months old from the Spanish flue. Anna Mary would grow week and die only a few months after Charles was born do to childbirth. Joseph would then marry her sister Rosalina, or Lena as she was nick named. Rosalina was born September 24, 1881. Their children were twins Marian and Wuede who would pass away shortly after their birth from nervous weakness, Jerome, Florence, Herman, and Louis all who would marry and remain in Ohio. Joseph would marry Frances Langenderfer and they would have eight children. Walter would marry Eleanora Gillen and they would have seven children. Jerome would marry Beatrice Raab, and they would have six children. Florence would marry Edward Zenk and they would have seven children. Herman would marry Elenora Gladieux, and they would have four children, and Louis who married Norma Gladieux and they also would have four children. My Great Grandfather Charles was the next child born and the youngest Iona, she was born March 10, 1898. She married Fredrich Schick September 15, 1928 in Toledo, Ohio and they had a daughter Carole Jean.

I have been able to find out that Andrew’s father was Nicholas Schrinel or Nick for short,born in Germany in 1813 and his mother was Ann Meisner born in Bavaria, Germany in 1824. Ann immigrated to America in 1845. I have been unable to find her or Nicholas on any passenger list as of yet. Did they come out here together or with their families? Did they marry in Germany or Ohio? I found them in the 1850 census for Waynesfield, Lucas County, Ohio with their one year old daughter Barbara who was born in Waynesfield in 1849. This is the last record I found of Barbara, did she survive childhood? My great, great grandfather Andrew was the middle child and then younger sister Elizabeth was born in Toledo in April 3, 1852. She would never marry and would be a house maid till her death at age 56 of Dropsy. Nicholas whose occupation was a leather tanner died at age 39 in August 1845 in Mary Grove, Ohio. After Nicholas passed, Anna being left with three young children would marry Frederick Holland a farmer who himself was born in Bavaria ,Germany on April 11, 1822 , and the children would take on their step fathers last name till their teens when they would become Schrinel’s again. In the 1860 census for Lucas County there is no Barbara listed among the kids. Only Andrew and Elizabeth with the last name of Randall. Which may mean Anna married twice after Nicholas died. In the 1870 census still no Barbara. But Andrew and Elizabeth now have the last name Holland. At this point Barbara would have been about 21 years old. She may have been out of the house and married. But this is only an assumption. I still lean to the fact she probably die as a child? But where is she buried?

Great Grandma Rose Harley Schrinel

My great Grandmother Rose, was born Rosa Harley April 23, 1891 in Ohio, the second of 5 kids on a farm. Her older brother Joseph who was a printer, also known as Jos by the family married Mary Scharf about 1813 in Toledo, Ohio, they had three children Margaret, Richard Jr and Helen. Born after Rose was Elizabeth. Lizzie was born January 5, 1893 and married John Koberstein June 18, 1925 in Toledo, Ohio, they had two sons, Edward and William. Next, Anna Aggnas was born January 26, 1897 in Toledo, Ohio. She is another mystery in my dad’s side of the family. She is not listed in any census report with her family growing up. But she is listed in her mother’s obituary as being married to a Doshman. So why is she not listed with her family in the census reports? Who did she live with? Mysterious. The youngest was Julia who was born May 10, 1900 in Toledo, Ohio. She married Karl Goetz on October 2, 1924 also in Toledo, Ohio. They would have three children Walter, Richard and Rita. Their Parents were Richard Harley born September 28, 1861 in Germany, and Johanna Fegal or Viegal born November 1857 in Germany. Richard was a farmer, who immigrated to America from Germany in 1883 on the Ship called the “Greece”. He came in through New York alone age 21 to meet up with family who was already there in Ohio. His Father Mathias Harley born 1835 or 1836 in Wutemburg, Germany a Haymaker. He came out to America with his wife Anna Marie Fishback who born in either 1839 or 1840 in Germany or France. The settled in Ohio, were in 1868 in Ohio their son John was born. He would marry first Mary E. Davis and then a woman named Anna. From these marriages he would have two daughters Irene born July 20, 1895 and Martha Mary born May 23, 1898. John and Richard would raise their families in Toledo, Ohio along with older brother Edward. Edward was born December 1860 in Germany. He would marry Elizabeth Lorlon around 1882. They had a son Wilson born March 28, 1894. I’m not sure how many grandkids Mathias or Anna had or how many kids for that matter. I’m still in the process of that research. I found an 1870 census for Indiana that had them listed with no children, though they had a two year old son that should have been with them at the time. Mathias would die in Waterloo, Indiana and Anna would return to Toledo, Ohio for her remaining years and to be close to her kids.

Great Aunt Minnie and Great Uncle Theodore Glassnapp and Great Grandma Alice and Alvin Richards.

My grandma Genevieve, called Jenny by the family grew up one of two daughters to Clyde Alvin Richards a car mechanic, and Alice F. Hanf who were married in Toledo, Ohio September 19, 1918. My dad told of being quiet close to his Aunt Rosemary Grandma’s younger sister born Martha Rose and her family who would eventually settle in Indiana. I know Dad visited them driving cross country to join the Air Force in California in the 70’s. The Richards were from Rossford, Ohio which is down South and just across the Maumee River from Toledo, Ohio. David Rudolph Richards was born March 28, 1858 or 1859 in Hessville, Ohio. David a farmer Married Celia Pirscillia Mercer who was born August 18, 1862 in Walbridge, Ohio, on February 17, 1880 in Wood County, Ohio. They would raise their family on a farm there in Wood County. Clyde Alvin Richards was born March 2, 1886 in Rossford, Ohio, the third of David and Celia’s ten kids. The other nine are James, Irving, Fred, Edith, Maude, Samuel, Dwight, Addie and Emma. The first James Edwin a machinist, was born November 1, 1881. I found three marriages for him in Wood County. The first was to Lillie Healey on June 2, 1909, the second was Alma Sangmeister on February 17, 1917, and the final was Agnes Wilson on September 16, 1920. He had two daughters who were both born in Wood, Ohio, Audrie and Merelle. The next Irving Harrison was born on February 1, 1883 in Eagle Point, Ohio. He would marry Theresa Strum on January 15, 1914 in Detroit, Michigan. There first son Irving would born in Michigan also. Then they would return to Ohio and have two more sons Joseph and Alvin. After Alvin came Fred Sewell born April 13, 1889, a head chemist, he would marry Merle Gertrude Falls or Fables on December 14, 1909 in Lucas County, Ohio. They would make their home in Petersburg, Ohio and have four children their Mildred, Marian, Fred and Jane. The first daughter to come along was Edith Mary born April 19, 1891, she would marry David Ladd on August 29,1907 in Lucas County,Ohio and become step mother to his two children Irvin and Mildred and they would go on to have six children of their own, Richard, James, Leon, Darrell, Robert and Addie. Maude was born August of 1894, she would marry Leon Warner on December 31, 1912 in Lucas County, Ohio. They would have four kids Donna, Lucille, Ray, Mildred and William. Samuel Francis called Frank by the family was born October 13, 1895, he served in world war two and worked as a machinist. I have yet to find any records that say he was ever married or had children. Dwight Allen a fitter for the Ford Glass Company was born December 19, 1897, and he married Lillian Riendeau in Detroit, Michigan February 2, 1924. They would have one child Jack. These Richards would be only ones dad would know of or ever meet. Addie Lucinda was born December 31, 1899. She would marry Harold Stull February 16, 1920 in Lucas County, Ohio. They would raise their family in Monclova, Ohio, were they had five kids, Harold,Arthur, Carl, John and Ora. The youngest Emma was born February 1, 1902 and she would marry Elmer Parker on April 18, 1923 in Wood County,Ohio and they would have two sons Elmer and Dan. I have not been able to find out who David’s siblings are or if he had any. His parents were Harrison, Harris or Harmon Richards born June 6, 1826 in Massachussets, and Susan Mary Ferdig or Ferdy born September 22, 1834 in Ohio. They married October 6,1853 in Lucas County ,Ohio. This is were the Richard trail ends at so far, much to my chagrin

The Hanfs who came to America in 1884, Barbara, Josephine, Jacob ., Johan in chair , Michael and George.

The maternal side of my Grandma’s family are The Hanf’s. The Hanf Family goes back some five, six generations in Veirnheim, Germany and another two or three generations in Coburg, Germany to about 1620. George Hanf was born in Germany on December 15, 1849 . He married Elizabeth Barbara Schwindt who was born July 6 1854 in Germany and they married December 6, 1876 also in Germany. They immigrated to America on May 26, 1884 with four of the children and settle in Toledo, Ohio were there three youngest children were born. All together George and Barbara would have seven children, Michael, Jacob, Johann, Josephine, Alice, Minnie and William. My great grandmother Alice Hanf was born December 19, 1886 in Toledo, Ohio. She would live just down the street from my dad with Great Great Grandpa Alvin until Alvin died when dad was only five. Eventually she moved in and live with my dad’s family for a significant part of his growing up. He always remembers his Grandma pointing and wagging her finger at him when she mad and he knew he was in trouble and laughing about the memory when he told it. Alice’s oldest sibling Michael a laborer was born August 14, 1877 in Germany, he married Elsie Elizabeth Warner who was born December 10, 1874 in Berden, Germany on August 15, 1900 in Toledo,Ohio. They had four children Helen, George, Margaret and Karl. Joseph who worked for Upton Air was born April 18, 1879 in Germany. He married Bertha Jennie Bundy who born in 1881 in Ohio on May 15, 1907 in Toledo, Ohio and they would have one child Violet. Johann, called John by the family was a salesman was born June 7, 1880 in Germany. He would marry May or Mary Cavanaugh who was born in 1880 in England and they had two boys Gervise and William. Josephine was born May 26, 1883 in Hessen, Germany, she would marry Frederick Meisner who was born March 27, 1883 in Germany on August 25, 1904 in Toledo, Ohio and apparently they never had children. My great Grandma Alice was the first of her siblings to be born in America. After her was Jennie Minnie born August 12, 1888 in Toledo, Ohio. She married Theodore Glassnapp who was born November 9, 1880 in Germany on February 15, 1912 in Toledo, Ohio. They would have two daughters Florence and Kathryn. Florence was my dad’s godmother. The youngest was William Richard a dump operator for the government was born, April 6, 1890 in Toledo, Ohio. He married Florence Balk December 10, 1913 in Lucas County, Ohio. They would have two children Mildred and Clifford. Dad would talk of knowing quite a few of his Hanf cousins and he would even get Christmas Cards from some at Christmas ever so often .

This is what I know about Dads family, names and dates and places, no stories and very few pictures. I would love to know more about these roots, see more pictures. What do my dad’s cousins look like, Aunts and Uncles. What do my Grandparent’s cousins Aunts and Uncles look like? How many pictures exist out there still of my great relatives who game to this country without a dime. How many pics of my dad are out there I have not seen yet that are being passed around in the family. Lucas County, Ohio records only go so far back, and I wonder are their family bibles and other documents among distant relations that could help me in getting more knowledge of these families I’m related too? . I have never even seen a pic of my Grandma when she was child. I have gotten to know some of the Schrinel cousins and I am grateful for their help and assistance, but I know more are out there to get to know. I have high hopes that this article would reach out to my Dad’s cousins and other relatives and people who are related to these family and that they have more information and pictures they can share with me. To also get to know them, let them know dad has passed away, and to make friends and share are family history together. I’m not hard to find, I can be found on Ancestery, Facebook or Twitter as I am about. These families make up some of the rich German American History of the US and one part English. These Families came out and made Ohio there home. A place that reminded them of their home , and were they had high hopes of a new better life for their children. This is a story of four families that should be told and should be known buy all their descendants and should not be forgotten , because who does not want to know where they come from. It is a project I have been working to make a book out of since before my dad’s passing , it is my dad his legacy , my legacy and a tribute to his memory !

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