The Myth of Urgency

Everyone wants you to quietly be Atlas,

to shoulder it all. Even the voice in your

head insists you are behind. But I’ve seen

the light in you, the one the gods finger

while we sleep. I’ve seen the blossom open

in your heart, no matter what remains to

be done. There are never enough hours

to satisfy the minions of want. So close

your eyes and lean into the Oneness that

asks nothing of you. When the calls stack,

answer to no one, though you receive them

all. Just open your beautiful hands, born with

nothing in them. You have never been more

complete than in this incomplete moment.

Excerpted from The Way Under the Way: The Place of True Meeting by Mark Nepo, published by Sounds True, November 2016.

  • photo credit: Valeria Boltneva