5 Myths That Are Keeping You From Replacing Your Income

Break Down These Common Myths So That You Can Build Your Dream Business

Did you know most of what you’ve been taught about how to replace your income is actually a MYTH?

Let’s break down the most popular myths I see holding high-achievers like YOU back from running a business doing what you love, and making great, income-replacing (and then some!) money doing it.

Myth 1: I have to know exactly what I’m going to do before I start.

If we’re being honest, most of us are looking for the security of a 5-year plan of how things are going to play out before even we get started.

We put pressure on ourselves to find that ONE THING that we will be doing for-EVER, our life’s work, our purpose, our calling.

But the truth is, we don’t have the clarity for that yet, because clarity comes from taking action, not from endlessly ruminating about it in our own heads.

Listen, Life With Passion is my 4th successful business. It’s not the one that got me out of my job — starting a digital marketing agency did. And that served a wonderful purpose in my life at the time — replacing my income in the first month, getting me FREEEEEEE from the soul-sucking job, helping a lot of wonderful clients get amazing results, honing my coaching skills, teaching me what I did and didn’t like about business…the list goes on.

I started with what I had in front of me and I did that, and did it well, until it became clear what my next iteration was.

You have permission to start with what you know TODAY. Guess what? You already know enough to be able to replace your income with it.

It might feel like it, but even IN a 9–5, there’s no actual security or 5-year plan, right? That doesn’t exist. So stop waiting for it to and start giving yourself permission to make money NOW, with what you know, trusting that the clarity will follow as you take action.

Myth #2: There are so many people already doing what I’m thinking about doing, and they’re much farther along — there’s no point. There’s no room for me.

It’s true that when we get fired up about an idea, a lot of times, the first thing we do is go to our social media platform of choice and start looking at how other people are doing it. But what winds up happening is that we see their number of followers, how long they’ve been doing it, or how many awesome offers they have, and we get overwhelmed and spiral down into feeling too far behind to even start.

Sound familiar?

This might sound cheesy, but the thing to remember here is that EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of those people started with exactly zero followers and zero dollars made in their business.

How did they get where they are, that place where you would love to be but are doubting whether it’s possible?

They STARTED to literally take one baby step at a time, got and remained consistent, and gave themselves permission to figure it out along the way.

And the truth is, if you’re passionate about something, there’s a REASON you have that passion. There is a reason that you, with all your strengths, “opportunities for growth,” and quirky weirdness, are wanting to build a business around that thing, right here, and right now.

What you have to share has already been shared — so has what I share, because there’s nothing new under the sun (so stop putting pressure on yourself to come up with it!).

But my clients work with me because of the way I present the information they want, and support them in implementing it — and so will yours.

Myth #3: The people out there who are doing it know way more than me and are way more qualified.

Maybe so, maybe not.

It’s very possible that they just decided they were ready and started, and THAT’s how they got the experience to start mastering their craft.

The people I look up to and whose businesses I model mine after were legit HOT MESSES when they got started. Their brands were less-than-beautiful, their followings were minimal, their offerings were far from refined.

One woman I know personally who sells tens of thousands of books per year did so with typos in them (and I was reading the digital version so I couldn’t mark it up like I normally would — arrrrgh!:) )

The point is, as Zig Ziglar said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

So take a look at what’s holding you back from getting started, or from showing up consistently, if you find yourself tending to show up in fits and starts.

Myth #4: I’m scared, so that must mean this isn’t meant for me/I’m doing it wrong.


Put this belief on ice, ice, baby.


Because fear doesn’t mean ANYTHING in this scenario. Fear ALWAYS accompanies doing something new. Your job is to figure out if it’s protecting you or holding you back, and then to act accordingly.


Fear #1: Feels a little scary to walk down that dark alley alone at 3AM. Thanks, fear, for keeping me safe!

Fear #2: I’ve been dreaming of starting my own business for as long as I can remember, but it just feels so scary because I’m afraid I will fail or people will criticize me. Is it worth it to not try but not have people criticize me?

Ultimately this is your choice. Fear is always going to think the same and try to protect you from all the possible things it thinks could “hurt you.” Take fear out of the driver’s seat and you get to CHOOSE from scenario to scenario whether fear has a legitimate case or not.

Myth #5: I’ll prove myself by figuring it out on my own. That’s how successful people build businesses.

One of the things I saw firsthand while working at the Olympics 3 times (twice on the front lines of sports venues — on the ice for short track speed skating & figure skating, and sitting next to the bench for basketball) was the way these athletes at the absolute PRIME of their talent and physicality would allow themselves to be coached by people much older and less fit than them.

They put their trust and their medals and their careers in the hands of their coaches, who could see things they couldn’t.

Now if someone making $20 million a year and considered the Greatest Of All Time continues to be coached, why would we be any different?


We’ve all gotten to exactly where we are today by doing the best we could with what we have. And a coach or mentor helps you make even more of your best, in a shorter time frame. And that’s the point of investing with one — to get where you want to be faster.

You don’t have to prove that you can do it on your own. I see you, high-achiever. Allow yourself to be supported. It will change everything for you.


Is this hitting home? Take this short list to get started on some valuable mindset work and start breaking down — and kicking out — the myths you’ve got rolling around in your head from day-to-day.

Tell me, are you allowing these myths to hold you back from running a business doing what you love and quitting or staying out of the 9–5 world for good? And now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

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