The ‘No Trust Fund’ Secret Society Tactic To Limitless Personal Growth

Don’t have a trust fund? No worries. Learn the secret to maximizing what you get done without wearing stupid robes…

Did you play a sport growing up?

I did. I loved everything about it.

I loved the games, practice, friends, all except one thing.

I hated ‘Suicides’.

Suicides are a running drill where you sprint to a position, stop, sprint back to the start, stop, and then repeat for the length of the rink/course/field.

They are brutal and not because they come at the end of practice (although my legs always dreaded them). No. They were brutal because you went from using all of your energy-sprinting-to a complete stop, then starting again.

My legs felt like rubber when it was over. Going all out and then stopping suddenly drained a ton of energy quickly.

The principle at play ‘The Conservation Of Energy’ affects us off the court as well. Think about how tired you are at the end of the day after doing a dozen different things. When you switch between unrelated tasks you are doing the same thing to your mind.

Thankfully can use this principle in reverse to conserve your energy and get your freelancing, work, goals, and more done without feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Here’s how.

The Conservation Of Energy And Getting More Done

People fail at their goals because they don’t plan properly.

They either:

1:Load their day making it difficult to accomplish what needs to get done-

Loading yourself down creates a ‘Snowball Effect’. If you freelance you have experienced this before.

You have too much to do so you roll your leftover work into the next day. The next morning you wake up anxious because to catch up with yesterday. This slows your workflow and sticks you in a failure loop where the same problem keeps happening making every day worse.

2:Put too many different projects into one day-

Going from one freelancing project to the next costs energy. The bigger the difference in the types of project the greater that energy cost. If you want to maximize your productivity without adding hours of work to the end of your day you need to lower your energy cost.

I am going to show you how to lower your energy cost by blocking your days freelancing until you get more done. Not only that you will have more energy because you batch similar projects on the same day creating a ‘flow state’.

Flow State Freelancing

You know the delicious feeling of hitting flow state. You are freelancing and everything suddenly ‘clicks’. Your writing is coming smoothly, proposals come out sounding great, you feel awesome.

If flow state excites you are going to love what I have to tell you.

You can cultivate and maintain flow state.

‘No way!’
-Most Freelancing Writers

Most people mistake flow state for inspiration. Inspiration is random and comes at unusual times. Freelancers who rely on inspiration never get anywhere.

Usually, their Pinterest boards are bigger than their paychecks.

The flow state is a natural state you can cultivate. How? Simple.

You can cultivate flow state by cutting project transitions that drain your energy. Think about it, what’s easier?

1:Going from one writing project to another writing project to sending a proposal?


2:Going from a writing project to working on designing your freelancing website, to research?

Number one of course!

Doing the same type of project (writing) maintains the energy you are using. Your mind is in the rhythm of writing so it is easy to maintain the energy required to do it.

If you go from writing, a mental process, to designing, a visual process, to researching, a different type of mental process, you are losing tons of energy every time you start over.

Thankfully I can help. Here’s how I learned to get more done, conserve energy, and reach flow state every day.

The Batching Principle

Batch your projects so you can ride the energy of one task all day. Think about my writing example. If you have a lot of writing you need to do then schedule it all on the same day.

If you have to promote your freelancing business (proposals, guest post pitching, promoting existing posts, following up on leads) schedule them for the same day.

Scheduling your days to do one type of thing means you:

1:Focus On One Thing:

Knowing you only have to do one thing (writing for example) relieves your anxiety. Why? Your mind knows it only requires energy for one thing.

This lowers your distractibility, speeds up your success, and enables you to work better with more energy.

2:Have Everything You Need In One Place:

When you commit to one type of work every day you can have everything you need laid out and ready to go without being overwhelmed.

One tip I have for writing proposals is to have all your projects and testimonials ready to go. It makes it easier to write more proposals better, and faster. The same principle works with batching.

10Xing Your Output Without 10Xing Your Effort

2017 was all about teaching you the core fundamentals of getting started freelancing. You learned to:

*Write Proposals That Get You Booked
*Be More Productive With The Time You Have
*Master The Conversation Economy
*Raise Your Prices And Have Clients Happy To Pay Them

2018 will be about the secrets to increasing your impact and building a thriving online freelancing business by mastering small, but powerful, changes.

Next blog post I am going to share the one thing you can do to influence outcomes and attract success by creating your personal Tim Ferris effect without having to be a bestseller!

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