The NON-LINEAR path to the nail salon

I never thought that I’d be working at a nail salon.

That was the reality after getting declined from every internship that I applied for at the end of my junior year in college.

Although the path was unexpected, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with my mom at her salon.

Here are 3 key lessons that I gained from the experience:


I didn’t realize how difficult it was to earn money until I worked at my mother’s salon. Growing up, my parents provided for my sister and I.

I knew it was hard to earn money, but learned the reality after being at the salon.

At the salon, I was scrubbing dirty feet for people. FYI they don’t smell so good when people are wearing socks…..

Doing pedicures for people taught me that it’s a GRIND to earn money, and to make sure to cherish every single cent.

Engage with the CUSTOMERS:

Customers will follow my mom anywhere that she goes because of how happy she makes them feel. She listens, talks, and remembers a lot about their life.

People enjoy sharing their life stories to mom, and they even go to her when they are feeling down.

Before working on the salon, I thought that people go there go get their nails done. Seeing the results of being genuine has opened my eye. Every person that I interact with now, I always try to get to know them. I don’t want to be the “business” connection. I want to be a friend that they can rely on, and who can offer a lot of value.


My mom works every single day. Her employees take the day off every Sunday, but she refuses. She doesn’t go on vacation, but loves what she does.

She is living her dream by running her own store. She doesn’t care about the hours. She is very selfless and spends every extra dollar she has on the family.

I’ve learned that I can make my mom proud by pursuing this entrepreneurship path that i’m currently on. Whenever i’m featured on a newspaper she realizes that i’m on the right path. She is always asking me if I’m in need of money because she knows the reality of the business.

Money doesn’t grow on tree and I hate asking her for it. I only ask her if I can’t make my rent payment or student loan.

This is my nail salon story. I wanted to share this to show the impact of how I turned a non-linear situation into something positive.

I’m now more motivated than ever because of the experience. I want to make progress to pay back my parents some day because of their support.

Just know that if you get knocked down, jump right up. There’s always an opportunity to make progress.

Today, I’m the co-founder of Sapphire Apps and working with influencers to help them amplify their brand. If you would like to reach out to me, send me a message on my Linkedin :)

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