“The Only Real Revolution Happens Right Inside of You.” -J. Cole

Although the current rap music in our society can be rather vulgar, the line above from J. Cole’s new song, “High for Hours,” holds serious value. This song touches on racial controversies and J. Cole’s views of issues within our country. He concludes with the line above and sends chills to whoever is on the other end of the headphones.

Creating a revolution and shifting power is not always the answer, as J. Cole touches on in the lyrics. Power, as numerous individuals know, can corrupt a person and create a paradigm shift in their personality. Living in the United States grants us our freedom of speech and that brings along quarrels in people’s opinions. We seem to want everyone to believe exactly what we believe but this is a rather deranged expectation.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Change means nothing unless you are truly passionate about what you seek to develop. You may say you want to help others, but helping yourself is the first step in doing so. Creating a revolution within yourself, as J. Cole expresses, is the finest method to have an impact on the world around you. If people do not have the crave to revolutionize within, then power will always get the best of them.

At some point in our lives, most of us will lose sleep while daydreaming about how to positively change the world. Humans seek fulfillment but that is all too often found in the form of money or objects. J. Cole’s profound lyrics gave me a realization that before I can fully seek to benefit my surroundings, I must improve upon myself. A revolution must grow within us in exchange for actual fulfillment and that is a lesson that I will forever treasure.

Revolutionize a piece within you and grow who you are!