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The Path of Soul Survival — Altruism in the New Year

Oh glory, it is that time again! The end of one passage and the opening of a new one is upon us. More than ever, the roads are winding around the bend of degradation and selfishness, exposing the higher road that leads to the survival of the human race.

As we navigate the season of love, we keep our eyes on a new year and new beginnings. Most people focus on resolutions they simply cannot accomplish and usually it is about “getting rid” of something, like a bad habit.

I look at a new year and see endless opportunities to transform the world around me and to assist wherever there is need, since the human race is truly one tribe. It is one thing to want to improve yourself and you should. This is a wonderful time to work on healing your wounds, improving your circumstances and changing anything which holds you in limitation. But this year why not expand your vision and extend yourself to include the altruistic? Why not go higher in elevation? You can raise your consciousness, raise your self-awareness, raise your humanity and raise your frequency by loving with more gusto than ever before. There is such a great need for more love worldwide but hasn’t there always been?

The world, the earth and all people and animals need you. Even the trees and the oceans long for your attention. All hunger for the same thing…nourishment and nurturing. They long to be held, adored, fed, housed, treated with respect, blanketed with passion and elevated with wisdom. From the skies to earth to the souls that inhabit the planet and yes even the celestial hosts, delight in your fine attentions.

Every single soul needs prayers for peace, for nourishment, for healing. They need you to lobby your elected officials for animal rights, human rights and equality, for every human, from women to the LGBTQ, elderly and black communities. There is always an open door for those who love to volunteer at an elderly home, food bank, homeless shelter, children’s ward at a hospital or simply, in your own neighborhood to mow a neighbor’s lawn or help with shoveling snow.

You have the power to touch a life, to change a heart and transform the planet. You are so much more powerful than you realize and pure intention moves every mountain.

You can make a difference in the lives of so many people by simply meditating on love, holding the light and filling the world with good intentions, powerful prayers and potent energy. But you can also make it a daily goal to simply speak to the woman standing next to you at Starbucks or pay a compliment to that man looking ever so dapper, while wearing his best clothes from the 1950’s.

Everyone needs love but more importantly, love needs everyone to fulfill itself.

Love cannot thrive without you; it cannot express itself without you. You are the instrument, you are the beacon, you are the well others drink from when their thirst is great. There is no outlet for love without you, you are loves’ extension, you are loves amplification.

“You can be a cup of love or you can be the well.

By giving without keeping score you tap into a divine flow of endless love. You have an entire lifetime to figure you out and to heal that which needs resolve. You also have an entire life to give without counting how many you’ve given to or to touch as many lives as you can. The laws of the universe are exact; you get what you give, you give what you receive, and what goes out comes back to you. So doesn’t it just make good sense to learn and practice the art of selflessness?

Selfless does not mean forget about you. It means do for others, and the eternal karmic boomerang will forever bless you, and your supply and needs will always be fulfilled. Withhold from others and watch your drought ensue. Giving is the way of the human heart, we were designed to serve others.

“A single day of selfless giving can wash away a hundred acts of selfishness.”

Without giving we cannot survive as a planet, a nation or as individuals. Giving is the new currency of prosperity, for what goes out comes back by the measure of your intent.

Plan your giving if your schedule is tight, but truly the best kind of giving can be found in those spontaneous moments when you see a need and instantly fulfill it. You can be someone’s savior or the answer to their prayer; you can be their hero, their mentor, constant inspiration, the donor or an earth angel. You can be the difference in whether they live or die, in whether they get up after falling down, or to simply restore their belief in humanity.

Elevate your altruistic self to the next level and look for opportunities to be the kind of person you wish others were and soon they too, will become. When you LOVE OUTLOUD you become a contagion and are capable of infecting others with goodness, stimulating what psychologist call, “the Helpers High.” Studies have shown that the joy of doing good deeds triggers the helpers high and can contribute to living a happier, longer and healthier life and ultimately that is the greatest pay off for living an altruistic life. Remember the key which opens the doorway to a purposeful life is…

“Serving others is an honor not a chore.”

Ariaa Jaeger

The Illumined Road

Ariaa is a 25 year Spiritual Life Strategist, speaker, professional intuitive and best selling author listed in “The Top 200 Most Influential Authors List 2017” She is also a 30 year fierce Animal-Human-Senior-LGBT rights advocate. For more information please visit

Originally published at on December 27, 2017.



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