The peace you feel in the absence of all thoughts

My heart wants roots and my mind wants wings

A quiet mind is something that is hard to find these days. In fact, when was the last time that we just sat there, with no purpose, doing nothing? Even if we spend our time away from work, we are thinking about something else. Our senses are constantly occupied by countless things that demand our attention.

When we were younger, we had questions. Hundreds of them. Why is the sky blue? Where does this fruit come from? Why don’t we have wings? Why do we get angry? Why can’t pets talk?

When we were younger, we didn’t think that those questions were “dumb”. We didn’t give a damn about what anyone thought. Of course, our minds were very occupied then as well. But there is an inexpressible difference.

We looked up at the stars at night, and our little minds knew that we are nothing but drifting dust in this vast cosmos. Well, maybe we didn’t know the cosmos but we sure knew what that meant.

We felt at peace.

A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear and worry. If the raging ocean can calm itself down after a stormy night, so can we. After all, we are both made up of salt and water for the most part. As we face the era of imperfections and self-love, the concept of being “busy” could be losing its glamor. Knowing when to burn with ambition and when to take a step back and just breathe is essential.

“Not all those who wander are lost” — J. R. R. Tolkien

If we allow our minds to be still, we would soon realize that nothing much seems to change, everyday, but before we know it everything is different.

Admittedly, we also get bored often. So, we impulsively find ways to kill time. When our senses are left alone, we feel vulnerable and deprived of information. In this world, full of things to do, it is now more important than ever, to stop and notice. Nevertheless, being still is a tough art. To get started, notice how you are doing and how those around you are doing. Maybe we can try to speak, intentionally, and listen, attentively, in our daily conversations?

When we stop and notice, we give our senses more power. The scent of rain on dry earth, the sounds of nature that amplify in the spring, the taste of fresh water on a hot summer day, the sigh of relief when you climb into your cozy bed…

Slowing down and being self-aware is a major way to rejuvenate our daily routine. Once the big picture falls into place, our heart will find its roots. Once we are conscious of those little things, our mind will grow its wings.