The Personification of STYLE

The connection between self, and outer appearance, is an intriguing melding of self-expression

You’ve come in contact with that enchanting individual who embodies a poetic union of allure and wardrobe awareness. Whether you noticed this divine creature while sipping java in your local coffee shop, or while riding a crowded subway, there appears to be one thing in common — the connection between self, and outer appearance, is an intriguing melding of self-expression.

As you watch the person with a greater degree of understanding, you realize you want to know just as much about the person, as you do their chosen ensemble. What strikes you as even more peculiar, is the clothing choice isn’t necessarily the latest trends, nor are they from expensive designer labels. Instead, you recognize a harmonious weaving of personal taste, and a powerful representation of their spirit, and perhaps their lifestyle. Since harmony is defined as an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative, what you have witnessed is someone who knows precisely how to tell their story. This, dear reader, is the personification of style.

What is style, and how is it obtained? Traditionally, the meaning of style is kept within a one dimensional context, usually referring to fashion or how one dresses. When in fact, style has a much deeper meaning that has to do with self-connection; and because of such a strong self-awareness, outer appearance becomes a byproduct of the connectivity. In my latest book, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, I define style as — when all aspects of yourself, including wardrobe, are in harmony.

How does one achieve this type of harmonious personal style - a style that’s so significant, it grabs the attention of complete strangers, and draws a clear line of distinction between Having Style versus Being in Style? Truth be told, with the latter, Being in Style is simple, it requires little in the area of self-connection, and leans more into the arena of self-gratification. The commitment of purchasing the latest trends is the price you pay for Being in Style. However, Having Style comes at a different price — the precious commitment it takes in getting to know you. Think about it…How could one achieve this level of innate and sartorial harmony, if they weren’t in tune with whom they are? In my opinion, it would be quite difficult. For a better understanding of knowing yourself and living in harmony, as my gift to you, please download the Key to Having a Life in Harmony on the Harmony Approach page of my website — STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison.

The personification of style isn’t sequestered into the segment of the population that can afford the endless recycling of a wardrobe. Style…True Style is open and achievable to anyone who wishes to have a true and personal relationship with self.

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