The Plastic You Ate Today Is Killing You

You are what you eat, Photo by Christyl Rivers

How many obesogens have you eaten today?

Obesogens are those chemical compounds we all consume either in our food, or from those containers in which we cook and store our food. But an easier way to remember obesogens is that they are involved with causing obesity. And cancer. And the destruction of all life.

Wait, what? That last one sounds really Debbie Downer. Negative. Is this one of those scolding articles by yet another social justice warrior come to take away my Twinkies just to save this stupid, already dying planet?

No. It’s not. Taking away your junk food is not up to another person. What you waste or consume is not up to another person. But informed choice is power and you do have a right to informed choice.

Phthalates, and Bisphenol A, (BPA) among other plastic contaminants make their sure way into everything in the food web, from the soil to your microwave. The plastic metabolism disruptors and estrogen influences are ubiquitous since 1960, being found in everything from your cell tissues to distant coral reefs and marine animals.

Obesogens affect metabolism which therefore affects whether or not you store lipids (fat) or how, and at one rate, you burn calories.

OMG! Do I have to give up chocolate snack cakes and cookies?

Very few people have the willpower to give up addictive sugar and animals products. Those that do have such discipline are the fonts of wisdom and success in every other Medium self-help advice (Sleep 24/7 To BE CEO In Just Ten Days!) column. That’s not me, I’m chocoholic. But having some say in your life does have value and pays off big-time, according to science…

To identify the culprits just avoid buying plastic to the very best of your ability. It is easier to never heat plastic of any kind for warming food than to try to remember which contaminants contain obesogens. You can also make an effort to avoid materials stamped recycle codes three or seven.

Buy glass, steel, paper, ceramic or other food containers and smile more at fish and marine birds so they can live and display their wisdom and beauty to you. Life on earth really is worth it, if we all just display a tiny bit more restraint.