The poison that we perpetuate

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I don’t participate in a lot of “rant” posts, but I cannot just sit back and say nothing about the way the media and today’s journalism tries to manipulate everything that we see and hear.

I think the first thing we don’t realize is that the media doesn’t necessarily exist for our benefit. Sure, they deliver great stories once in a blue moon, but what do you hear about, day in and day out?

That’s the question that we all need to really be asking ourselves, almost every day. It’s healthy to check your sources. There is no reward for just believing a headline or stating a “truth” without gathering any context.

That’s called being uneducated and misinformed. Whether or not you choose to listen to CNN or Fox News all day is your choice. But you’d be selling yourself short if you gather all of the information about anything from one source.

You’d be equally irresponsible if you decided to spread your “truth” to everyone else. But you only have one take.

Irresponsibility in journalism is at an all-time high. Along with that comes hypocrisy, deceit, and lots of bias and lies. The problem is that we usually only hear what we want to hear.

We listen to the source that makes sense to us personally.

And that’s totally okay if you are willing to admit that you don’t know the whole truth. If you’re going to passionately declare something as truth, make sure you’ve given a lot of consideration for the counterpoint to your “truth”.

This is certainly the most significant part of the process.

It’s a real dangerous place to be entertained by every little bit of gossip story from our own personal favorite source. It could be sports, politics, local news, doesn’t matter.

If we’re going to continue rewarding the news station that can report first, instead of the news station that can report the truth, then we will continue perpetuating a society built on the foundation of opinionated gossip.

I’ll say it another way.

If we’re going to allow the media to become the true winner of any controversial and opinionated topic, then we will remain misinformed and misunderstood.

This is not a good way to communicate with one another. They say to never talk about politics with family. I used to laugh about that and think it was bogus.

Now I think you can’t talk about anything media-driven with almost anybody. It will undoubtedly influence some outlandish statements to be thrown out casually and all-out war will ensue.

This world is beginning to scare me. This isn’t even a “rant” as much as it is a plea.

I sincerely urge y’all to at least make sure you are blindly following a source. Lay your loyalties aside right now and truly ask yourself if you are being fair to yourself and to others around you.

I was listening to a radio show today and the guy said that we live in a “mob mentality”. We’re so quick to “burn it to the ground” just to move onto the next thing so that we can burn that as well.

I couldn’t agree more.

Can I just have a quick call-to-action here?

Lets not have a “mob mentality”. When a big story breaks, just slow it down for a second before you start to share every little piece of news on social media. We’re all contributing to this issue.

We get so freaking excited that we climb to the highest peak we can find and shout the newest absurdity as loud as our lungs can bear.

Hey, if it brings you more popularity, more facebook likes, twitter follows, why not, right? That’s just such a poisonous mentality. Our society is catering to this culture of being disingenuous, and it’s maddening.

Remember the importance of being truthful, rather than being first. Remember that the more truth you choke out by sharing misinformation, the more you contribute to the problem.

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