The Power of Unspoken Language to Change Our Experience

“In your quest for whatever it is that you desire, always remember that it’s up to you. You get to choose everything about you and your life.

And you continually do. Consciously. And unconsciously. Actively. And inactively. By intent, or by default.

In truth, your unspoken, unwritten emotional energy is more powerfully and quickly choosing what you experience than your words are.

Thus, the misunderstood text, the verbal disagreement, the tangled phone conversation, the unresponsive email.

Add to that, each person’s embedded emotions, held from past experiences, immediately and easily triggered when someone’s words unknowingly push the button, pulling them to the surface —

— and the assumptions each has made about people and about life, based on those experiences.

Imagine the parallel “conversation” that occurs when the truth of your feelings and assumptions meet the feelings and assumptions of the other person — at the same time as the verbal or written conversation that you think you are having.

We are emotional beings, with innate high level intuition and vibrational sensory systems. Common throughout the animal, earth, and plant kingdom, these are systems all living things rely on — though mostly unconsciously — to communicate with the world, to get our needs met for sustaining life, for thriving, and for evolving. But humans have been trained out of using them, out of believing in them, out of trusting them. And in their place, we have put ultra complex layers of language, linguistics, and mechanical and technological communications, all filtered, all masking unexpressed emotion.

To the point that we barely trust our innate intuitive energetic communication abilities — and are sometimes even afraid of them. And we rely ever increasingly on designed, manipulated, acutely personalized, and covertly delivered written, spoken, and inanimately delivered versions of language.

The Result?

Self inflicted pain (unknowing, but all self inflicted). 

We can change our life experience. We can reconnect to our innate, nonverbal communication sensory system, our innate intuition.

And when we do, we feel it. In our gut. In our heart. We recognize and discern truth from deceit, healthy choices from unhealthy, joy from struggle. Our authentic voice inside each of us is waiting to be seen, heard, felt, and expressed, though at first we may feel vulnerable and awkward.

We can do it. We can make an agreement to listen, feel, and trust the true unspoken communication, the unwritten energy transmitting from each of us. 
We can bring to the surface what lies within. 
We can clear the emotional “clutter” blocking our intuitive sensory flow.

As above, so below.

Non verbal communication is our purest form of language.
It’s a choice. It’s up to You.”

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