The Price and Payoff of Transformation

Growing Pains of a Soul Spurt.

Many of us have moments we look back on — maybe with disbelief and ideally with compassion — and think, “How could I have put myself through that?” Then we smile to ourselves and realize how far we’ve come. Often, we feel like a completely different person and like we’re the same as when we were a little kid, all at the same time. Then, we look at how much mystery is left, how much there is yet to know, and how much we have left to be. Transformation is part of living, thriving, and experiencing our true nature. It is part of waking up. This is the price we pay for it, and the payoff that makes it so worth it.


It is work. It’s not instantaneous. It’s in direct opposition to a need for instant gratification or looking for happiness outside of ourselves. It requires us to accept responsibility for our own lives, look at our limiting beliefs, patterns and addictions, seek knowledge and guidance, and most importantly, be willing to change. In order to overhaul our circumstances, relationships, and the world we see mirrored around us, we need to change the thoughts and feelings we broadcast out. This takes accountability, mindfulness, and a willingness to allow our wounds to come up in order to heal them.

Letting go of wounds means looking them in the eye, feeling them to the fullest and forgiving.

If we rush grief, sweep it under the rug, deny our vulnerability and avoid uncomfortable feelings by self medicating with substances, work, thrill-seeking, procrastinating or denying ourselves alone time, we will carry our trauma into all of our future situations. We’ll keep recreating some version of our same problems until we can’t take it any longer and finally choose to dive into our depths to shed light on our demons. Wounds are not the enemy. They open our hearts, teach us, soften us and provide priceless momentum towards a new life we couldn’t even fathom from an older frame of consciousness. By forgiving ourselves and those who have hurt us, we set ourselves free from that bondage that is occupying space needed to attract more fulfilling experiences. By forgiving the situation itself, we accept “what is” and bring ourselves into the present moment, the only moment that matters.

We’ll encounter a process of detox and growing pains.

We can feel change at every level within ourselves as well as in our surroundings. As we transform, we may notice we want to eat differently and make changes in our career or home environment. We may see certain friends fall away and new people come in who resonate with our new frequency. This is inspiring and rewarding but can also be challenging. It’s natural for unknown territory to scare us at first, and for us to feel lonely when we’re transitioning into different social circles or lifestyles. We must love ourselves first and foremost through this process, appreciating our sensitivity but staying confident in the face of rejection or resistance from those who may not be on board with our new way of thinking and being.



We’ll be happy at home with a cup of tea and our favorite book or T.V. show. We’ll be happy sharing time with our family and friends. We’ll be happy single and in a relationship. We’ll be happy over the weekend and on Monday morning. Our happiness breeds more and more happiness…it is the greatest gift we can give to the world, and life rewards us with more experiences that mirror our inner joy.

Our senses will grow sharper

The process of transformation brings awareness and cleansing. This opens the channel to our intuition, which makes us more receptive to divine guidance. We experience synchronicity, and life becomes a treasure hunt of magical clues leading us to fulfill our life’s purpose. In this way, we can create from a pure and inspired place, serve others while staying whole and full within ourselves, and make choices that are in alignment with our highest good. We may also notice more heightened physical perceptions, such as music sounding brighter and more nuanced.

We’ll attract opportunities for love and abundance

When we take responsibility, heal our wounds and release limiting beliefs, we operate from increased self worth and trust. Other loving people are drawn to us, and prosperity showers into our life because we know we are deserving of it.

Anything worth achieving in life requires some combination of sacrifice, humility and steadfast strength. The payoffs are immeasurably greater. The sooner we get to the work of increasing our awareness, healing our pain and raising our vibration, the sooner we can move on into unimaginably beautiful new realms of existence.

Originally published at on March 22, 2017.

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