The Purpose and Longevity Link

A practical application.

“My purpose today might be different than yesterday, but I am still important.” Magan
I’ve been watching the sunset on this lake for over 50 years.

The Longevity Village

I’m just finished reading and re-reading and then reading again taking notes from the book “The Longevity Plan”. My personal goal is to live a long life — much longer than my parents. I also understand that in order to do that I need to make some changes. Small changes. Simple changes.

The first change that I’m exploring, creating awareness and understanding my purpose.

Our Purpose, My Purpose

You and I are the same, yet different. I believe we are all made from the same Divine Creator with a purpose. I also believe that core of the purpose never changes but how it is lived out does. I wrote about this at length in the article How I figured out my Purpose.

I invite you to take out a piece of scratch paper and just jot down what you have done, what/who did it serve, how has it shown up? again and again? I would imagine that a theme becomes readily apparent.

Fall is a time of transformation. Beautiful now and in the spring when the raking will begin.

The Glitch

Sometimes, we get caught up in doing things not because we want to but for other reasons; we feel like we should, someone had an expectation, or we had no choice. The first two reasons are easier to switch our mindset — but not as much as when you have no choice. This happens with kids who are forced to perform chores, tasks, take piano lessons — it needn’t be a horrific experience, just one that leaves us feeling dread and hopelessness layered with expectations and shoulds. This often takes place in childhood and then we live out that pattern as adults.

You can see the spiral we find ourselves in again and again. During this time it is hard to find our purpose. Remember how I talk about intention and awareness all the time? Becoming aware happens first and then setting your intention (hopefully) quickly follows. The second glitch would be finding the time and space to become still for awareness, clarity and intention setting.

My purpose is to serve. As a mom, partner, dog owner, sister, aunt, friend . . . each day is filled with connecting, loving, working to serve those in my inner circle. I also serve the community and the world through my writing, my mindfulness jewelry and prayer chords, and by working with the homeless. My service is different every single day.

I would add that after menopause my purpose became very clear. This clarity allowed me to eliminate people from my life that were not in alignment with how I want to live out the rest of my life. These were not easy choices but necessary. This awareness and tightening has made me a better more focused woman.

My shadow and protector.

Our/My Service/Purpose Makes Us/Me Feel Needed

This is important. Ready?

Feeling needed is a key component in living a long life, possibly the most important. The research shows that people who volunteer, thus feeling needed, live longer. AND it isn’t just retired people but all people of all ages. Let’s look at Magan’s quote again.

“My purpose today might be different than yesterday, but I am still important.” Magan

We could easily change purpose to being needed. The way I’m needed today might be different than yesterday, but I am still important.

Menopausal Women and Manopausal Men

This is a time of life where we need to switch gears. We need to figure out how we are needed in our most precious relationships — it has changed. My kids no longer need me to change diapers and make all the meals. They need me to drive them places, be a soft place to land as they navigate high school and middle school, they need me to do less and listen more. Just listen.

Actually, I have found that most of my relationships have a large component of listening. I’m beginning to wonder if that isn’t my purpose shifting slightly yet again.

This leaving the “mommy” years behind is hard for me. I loved the baby years, the exploration, the teaching them through hours and hours of play.

I have many male friends going through the same thing.

This is a time of explosive re-evaluation and if done correctly, we can add years to our life.

Lessons Learned

I am right where I am supposed to be to do the work I am given.

I have always been right where I supposed to be to learn the lesson for the next placed I end up.

Life is cumulative.

We have a Divine purpose. All of us.

We all need community, friends, people to love us and people to love.

Personal growth happens through change, awareness and setting new intentions.