The Quiet Within

Letting go of the chatter and listening to the quiet voice within

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“You are enough. Beautiful enough. Talented enough. Good enough. You have always been enough. Yes, you.” ~ Alexandra Domelle

Your attention is roaming,

Surging from place to place,

Never staying in one spot for long.

Always seeking that new thrill,

Pleasure, distraction.

Not wanting to settle,

Anxious, afraid.

Not wanting to miss out,

Lonely, scared.

Thirsty for acknowledgement,

Wishing to be noticed.

Not wanting to be left behind,

Empty, alone.

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Fearful of silence,

Deafening silence,

Of when the soul speaks.

Unworthy, alone.

Worthless, failure.

Insignificant, unloved.

These are the fears,

Of when the soul speaks.

Numb the pain,

Dull the senses,

Food, drink, drugs,

Online, on top, out of this world.

Anything, everything,

To stop the soul speaking.

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But would the soul really

Be so unkind,

Having lived, loved and breathed,

In you, with you, as you?

The only witness to your pain,

Your fears, your dreams?

Residing within,

Never clamouring for your attention,

Always waiting patiently,

For your awareness.

Simply present,

Wanting to show you kindness,

Compassion, affection.

Will you allow it to speak?

Will you give it your attention?

Is it too much to ask?

For one moment,

One heartbeat,

One breath?

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Thank you for choosing to read this story. If these words resonated with you, please share this with your loved ones. Yours, in appreciation, Alexandra

© Copyright Dr. Alexandra Domelle 2018

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