The Reality of Being Kind To Yourself

Because knowing alone gets you nowhere.

Here’s the reality of being kind to myself.

If I weigh 175 pounds I can lose weight slowly.

Over a bunch of time.

I know what to do.

Doing is the only way.

Knowing alone won’t get me anywhere.

Knowing to be kind to myself is another thing.

I know that’s a good thing.

I know I can do that right now.

I can be kind to myself in a millisecond.

“I’m not gonna beat myself up about the Buddha Belly but I’m going to start eating healthier every single day.”

My weight is the average of the five unhealthiest people I hang with.

My doctor pals aren’t that healthy.

We eat drug rep food.

Weird, right?

But there’s you.

You inspire me.



Don’t stop.

Microstep: Perhaps you know it’s “good” to be kind to yourself. But enough with the just knowing part and actually start being kind to yourself. Like, now.

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