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The Revelation and Relevance of Past Life Discovery

“All pathways lead to your perception.”

This may be a hard pill to swallow for those who want to blame their upbringing, their past, their genes or something else for their lot in life. You are constantly creating whether you know it or not. Life is not random, it’s energy, coupled with intention. Now factor in human emotions, past life imprints and combined beliefs from both past and present and all of it equals the life you are living today.

Many assume that if they encounter problems or trials in life, they are being “punished” or are having a string of bad luck. Some assume they are living out some negative karma, while others may try to find fault in someone they know, blaming them for their misfortune. It is a natural part of the human condition to want to blame others for your own unhappiness.

The idea that life is random and you are a “victim” isn’t possible when you delve into quantum physics and the laws of attraction. Karma is the only potential “victim maker” if you experience karma’s negative return, while in an unawaken spiritual state. Sadly, more than half of the 7.6 billion people on the planet will feel the sting of returned karma from other incarnations, without ever understanding it or connecting it to something they did in another incarnation. While life lessons and the things you came to master may often feel like you’re being punished, it is only your perception which makes it so.

Life on earth is the consummate university and the external events of your life are nothing more than the reflections of your inner world, including the cellular imprints of lifetimes past. While you may not be aware of them, past life imprints are more easily detected than you might imagine.

· Do you have a birthmark? Past life imprint.

· Do you have any fears which cannot be connected to a present day or childhood situation? Past life imprint.

· Do you have a love for a particular artist, writer or a place you long to travel to for no apparent reason? Past life imprints.

· Do you have strife with people in your family or life? 99% of the time, past lives have something to do with it.

You return with a vague memory of places, art, ethnicity, culture, personal heartache or hardships and yet, cannot connect it to anything from your present day life. These are the tell-tale signs of past lives trying to emerge and jar your recollection. Why? Because healing yourself is imperative if you wish to enjoy your life to the fullest. Your return to the earth was predicated on the notion that you would arrive back on this beautiful of all planets and heal whatever you left behind, when you last visited the earth. Self-discovery is the key to mastering every realm because you hold all the secrets to the universe deep inside you. When you get still and deliberately seek to understand your idiosyncrasies, your triggers, your moods and hang ups, your passions and your interests, you discover the past life links which have contributed to your inner tapestry. As you heal the karma or trauma which is longing to be healed, as you incorporate the strengths from the most predominate lifetimes, you become stronger, and more whole. More importantly, you remove the veils which stand between you and your perfection. Every soul is perfect, it is in the actions from each lifetime that the soul becomes laden with veils. The veils mask the core memory that you are god and one with all creation. The veils preempt you from seeing your own divinity and purpose. Once they are removed, you can see with pristine vision.

The so called trials of your life are only altered when you change your perception. Delving deep within reveals an entire host of possibilities you may not have factored in previously and it WILL alter your perception. When you look at all the possibilities you erase the victim mentality, recognizing that on some level, you created your present day reality. You may not remember how but knowing that nothing is random and everything is purposeful helps.

Whether it’s a sickness, an ache, a dream, a location, a book or a movie, triggering something within you, the key is to begin asking questions immediately through prayer and meditation. There is a divine timing on the surfacing of past life imprints. If you do not address it when it is prompting you, it will pass and may never revisit you again or will postpone revealing its secrets until another time.

The questions and how you pose them are just as important as the answers. I teach my clients to ask with passion and persistence and to be consistent, repeating the command over a period of several days or nights, particularly before bedtime. Your dreams are a playground for angels and your guides and being deliberate in seeking the records of your soul is a sure way to procure the information.

Whatever you ask be ready to handle. If you don’t think you can handle the actual Akashic records reality, then ask for it to be shown you via metaphor or symbology. Remind the angels to wake you up at the moment you retain whatever you need to bring forth the highest healing, and then keep a dream journal by your bed. You will be surprised at how eager the universe is in supporting your awakening and self-discovery and how fluidly the information flows. But you have to ask if you want to open the floodgates.

Once you have the information you are seeking, process it without ruminating over it. In other words don’t make it personal. If you linger in the memory too long it will reset and you will have a lot more to clear from the emotional body. The idea is to be aware of it so you can forgive yourself or others for choosing such a challenging path. It is also prudent to know that in seeing past life memories, we learn to own our “stuff” and the contributions we made to generating negative or positive karma, which is very empowering personally.

A typical spiritually awake being, will take whatever they need from their past life memories to strengthen their current day character and will discard and release whatever no longer serves them from those incarnations. The more you look within, the more you will find.

There has never been a better time than now, to know yourself which leads to a greater relationship with others and the world.

“Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t forget to use your heart and voice to Love Outloud. God bless, take care of each other.” Ariaa

Ariaa is a Spiritual Life Strategist, professional intuitive and transformation alchemist who has taught and inspired millions for 25 years since her death in the Austria Alps. For more information visit her website at



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