The Secret to Finding Your Inner GPS

One word can make all the difference.

Photo by Sarah Ribeiro Photography

As a coach, I get asked for advice all the time. My clients, friends, and family will often come to me when they are stuck, confused, or trying to decide something about their life or business. I admit I love it. I am passionate about helping people. I really enjoy being a resource for people in my life but the truth is, that’s not my job.

Technically, as a coach, my only job is to ask questions that will help you come up with your own answers. In the case of those clients who are looking for business strategies, I will give them more guidance based on my expertise but as a Mindset Maven, my real mission is to empower people to listen to their inner compass and figure things out on their own.

I will, however, give one piece of advice that I am certain is the secret to success and it all starts with one word. The caveat is that I can’t tell you exactly what that word is because that’s entirely up to you. However, I can elaborate on the importance of having a defining word, which will create the conditions for you to achieve everything your heart desires.

A few years ago, just before the New Year, I started seeing people in my newsfeed talking about their “word.” People asking each other, “Did you pick your word?” or “what’s your word?” and I have to confess, I wasn’t really that excited about it. Pick a word? For the year? I can’t even pick my clothes to go to the grocery store. That sounds like a lot of pressure.

My business bestie was all over it. She picked her word, designed a vision board, got a planner and went to work making her word the central theme of her next year. I loved and respected her so much that I jumped on the bandwagon. I picked a word, but it didn’t stick. I can’t even remember it. I also tried to do a vision board. While everyone else was talking about how many things came true for them a year later, I can safely say that 95 percent of the things on my vision board from that year, did not come true.

So like any other person who is trying to create their life based on someone else’s experience, I thought I had failed. I figured that I just wasn’t “vision board material.”

What I realized recently is that I just wasn’t clear on what I wanted. My vision was clouded with all the things I thought I wanted. My focus was on achievement and success instead of how I wanted to feel and that paradigm shift changed everything. After diving into Abraham-Hicks, Danielle LaPorte, and the guidance of countless other thought leaders I realized that I was thinking too hard. The real key to success and abundance is the feeling. How you feel is the cornerstone of the law of attraction.

I’ll admit, it can be challenging to feel abundant when you can’t pay the bills. It can be difficult to feel love when you feel unappreciated. It is almost impossible to trust good things will happen while you face obstacle after obstacle. But the evidence is undeniable. You will continue to encounter whatever supports your beliefs and they originate with your thoughts, which are created by your feelings.

So, how do you get off the hamster wheel? How do you pivot your life from attracting all the things you don’t want and start receiving more of what you do? You pick your word. Gasp! I know. I can’t believe I said it either, but let me explain.

The purpose of picking a word or theme is to have a unique GPS or as I like to think of it, God’s Perfect System. It is a surefire way to tap into your inner guidance. What do you want to feel more than anything? Is it peace, joy, excitement, boldness, love? Whatever it is, in order to get there, you must create that feeling right now as much as possible. If used properly, the word or theme you choose will act as a catalyst for attracting the life you want.

Applying the GPS will be a game changer in every part of your life. Whether you are planning your day, making decisions or prioritizing action steps for your journey, once you consider your word or theme you will be able to navigate a clear path to achieve your goals.

My theme for this year is fun and ease. Everything I do goes through the filter of this question, “does this feel fun or easy?” If my answer is yes, I know I’m right on target but if the answer is no, I need to make adjustments accordingly. I know what you’re thinking…life can’t always be fun and easy! There are responsibilities such as work, family, obligatory functions to attend and they don’t all fall under the fun and easy category. Fair enough. I get that but hear me out.

Sometimes you are faced with obstacles or obligations that may not appear to connect with your word. Things like paying bills, doing your taxes or fighting with your kids about homework probably don’t feel like they encompass your theme but it depends on your perspective. For example, laundry and decluttering are important and although they seem neither fun nor easy, I know that once the laundry is done and I have cleared my living area I will feel spacious, which creates ease and more time for fun.

Using your word as a strategy to connect with your inner guidance will eliminate the overwhelm you are often faced with when making decisions. If it doesn’t pass the GPS test, you don’t spend your precious energy on it. The mission is to embody your chosen feeling as much as possible in the present to attract more of what creates that feeling in the future. When you are able to achieve joy, peace, fun, ease or whatever your core desire is for the majority of the time, you will probably have also accomplished your vision of success.

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