The secret to finding your life purpose

You have that longing, that urging to know why you are really here. What are you meant to be doing? Everything is kinda ok right now, but you have this hunger. This is you calling you, your deeper self calling you to wake up. To wake up to the reason you were born. Your life purpose.

The thing is we are not brought up to ask ourselves those essential questions about what we would really really love to do. What is that thing we would do all day, even if we weren’t paid. What is our life purpose. And we dismiss any ideas of doing what we love as silly. Because we need to make MONEY.

However, if you are just motivated to make money, like our society has brought you up. Then you will never answer that deep longing, and all the money in the world can’t fill that hole. So the first step to the secret to finding your life purpose is to stop looking outside for opportunities. Stop saying “Well I could do x, y, z”. Or “I quite like horses”. These are things outside of yourself.

The big secret to finding your life purpose is to find out…

  • What has your life been teaching you?
  • What has your unique life experience brought to you?
  • How has that helped you develop your natural talent?

The thing that you probably right now don’t think that it is “special”. You are looking for stuff like singing, playing a musical instrument, writing — and these are things outside of you again. So start by looking at what your life is bringing to you — what is your unique essence that you can do that no-one else can do just how you do it.

Sometimes it’s so simple that we think it’s too easy — and that’s your heart speaking. That’s your heart saying “it’s that easy!”. It’s your head that likes to make it complicated. So use these questions, start the inner reflection and satisfy that deep calling to enable you live from your life purpose.

Love Kelly


Originally published at on March 21, 2017.

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