The Sign, Reflections on a Morning Drive

“In late winter of 2015, following my impulse, I took a morning drive in the light rain. Relaxed and cruising, and relishing the misty energy of the timeless moment, I remembered how simple things like this rejuvenate my spirit and bring me happiness. As I turned the corner on one of my favorite tree lined streets, I saw in the amber light of a window a sign that read: Life is Good.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Sometimes in the living, we forget — 
Or maybe not fully realize — 
The true meaning of this often used expression.

Life — 
Being Alive, versus Dead
Feeling vital
Growing, versus dormant
Breathing in, absorbing, releasing
Feeling air moving through and around us

Breath moving in and throughout our body

Creativity of mind, thoughts, ideas, epiphanies
The Scent of the rain, wet grass, the ocean
Feeling muscles work as they move our body
Our lungs knowing to expand, and release
The heart pumping continuously, automatically
Listening to the sounds of birds, distant trains, laughter
Tasting, savoring
Seeing, looking, noticing, watching.

Light & lightness, versus heaviness
Opening, flowing, versus closing, tightening.

And this ever calming, ever knowing that

Life is really a Sensation that we get to have…we get to choose…we get to feel… we get to be in…

Versus not notice, be numb to, be angry with, or be suppressed by.

Life is something Good and Positive 
Life is always allowing, sprouting, expanding, unfolding, reflecting, and light. Life is always giving us infinite new chances to start over, do it differently.
Never judging, punishing, criticizing, comparing, or diminishing us.

So, today —

I really look at the expression Life is Good as a sign to affirm that

Life is all around and in and under us, and that I get to choose how to experience it.

I get to choose how I see, how I know it, how I feel, how I inhale, how I taste, how I hear it, and how I savor it.

Life, vitality, aliveness, sprouting, light, living… versus dying.
I breathe deeply. I trust completely. I appreciate fully.
I let the tears of awareness flow like rain on my face.
I feel this amazing gift.

And I pay this awareness forward.

What makes You feel Life? What makes You Come Alive?
Discover that. Go Do that. Be that. 
Today. Right now in this moment.

Receive this gift as a sign.

Life is Good.”

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