The Silo App Will Turn Your Smartphone Into a ‘Dumb Phone’

Reclaim space in your life for focus, creativity, and truly connecting with the world

The average smartphone user checks his or her device every six and a half minutes—that’s about 150 times a day. And for those of us who go down the rabbit hole of Instagram whenever an idle moment arises, that number feels generous.

The Silo App is here to help. We’ve become increasingly addicted to technology, so Silo was designed to create breathing space and help users establish healthy boundaries with their devices. The app turns your smartphone into a “dumb phone” that selectively blocks distractions, alerts, and notifications for a set time you control—during a play, dinner with your kids, or whenever you need to gather yourself and regroup. Created by Thrive Global in partnership with Moneyball director Bennett Miller and the Udacity Blitz mobile engineering team, Silo lets you unplug, take a break from push notifications, look up from your screens, and engage with life—IRL.

Download the Silo App here.

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