The Top 20 Things Everybody Does but Won’t Admit

We’re not as different as you think.

As human beings, we have all done things that we aren’t particularly proud of. Sometimes we forget that we are all human and have a lot more in common than we would think. So as a reminder, here are the top 20 things that we all do but don’t admit:

  1. We have all been there and have had to deal with this in the grocery store. The top spot goes to the mini anxiety attack we all get when we’re done paying for our items at the grocery store and the cashier moves on to the next customer before you’re done putting your change away.
  2. The second spot belongs to that long and well thought out period before we hit checkout when we’re shopping online. Let’s be honest we’ll shop until we drop, ringing up hundreds of dollars in merchandise. We have no problem paying for the merchandise UNTIL we see the shipping price of $5.99. That shipping and handling makes us reconsider our order altogether.
  3. Before we write Wednesday, we sound it out in our heads like “Wed-ness-day”. It’s okay, we all do it.
  4. We’ve all eavesdropped on the conversations of total strangers BUT we never admit that while listening to other conversations, we give our advice and opinions [in our heads of course]. We become a part of the conversation but they don’t know that.
  5. The fifth spot belongs to the plans that never happen. We’ve all made plans when we know there’s not a chance in heck we’re gonna go.
  6. We’ve all gotten stuck in the social media rabbit hole! One minute you’re looking at someone’s profile and the next thing you know, you’re looking at a picture of their cousin’s brother’s wife’s vacation pictures from Spain in 2011.
  7. We’re all photo hoarders! Instead of deleting old pictures we most likely forgot about, we give ourselves the old “you never know when this picture is gonna come in handy” excuse. And our phones continue to blink, *Storage Almost Full*.
  8. Picture this, you’re driving on the highway and you know your exit is coming up so you turn down the music, to help you see better. Yes, it makes sense in the moment but now that you think about it you realize its a tad bit ridiculous. Don’t worry though, this is a judgement free zone.
  9. We are all mathematicians! We’ve all calculated the amount of sleep we could get, down to the very second every night when setting our alarms. Seems like a great skill to add to your resume.
  10. That brief moment, of contemplation you have every morning after your alarm goes off. Nope, you’re not the only one that goes over the pros and cons in detail about getting out of bed
  11. You know that moment when someone cracks a joke and it seems funny except, you have no idea what they said so you fake a smile so you don’t seem mean? Yeah, that moment.
  12. Even mathematicians have to double check their answers. We all have that moment of doubt when we need to be absolutely sure we’re right when doing even the most basic math in our heads. Yes, we all grab the calculator just to make sure that 2+2 still equals 4.
  13. The mandatory “test clicks” you do when you are about to use a set of tongs.
  14. Responded with “Lmao, Lol or Rofl” BUT you’re definitely not even laughing in real life.
  15. Unintentionally mimicked someone else’s accent while in conversation with them. Yes, it may be rude, but is it really your fault?
  16. We all transform into award winning, platinum singers in the shower. It’s just something about the water and the scenery.
  17. We have all had that moment on the sidewalk when you walk past someone but had to keep an uncomfortably fast pace so they don’t catch up and walk past you. The race is on, whether they know it or not.
  18. We have all had that moment where we open the fridge, despite the fact that we had already opened it 2 minutes prior, and we’re still genuinely surprised that there is nothing to eat the second (or third) time around.
  19. We all pretend to be in a music video while walking down the street listening to music and yes, of course we’re the lead singer everytime.
  20. Last but not least, we have all had that moment where we made one healthy food decision and became health experts. Just like that.