The Untrue Stories We Create in Our Minds Need To Go.

You Are In Control of Your Thoughts.

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Would you agree that we spend a lot of time being intimidated and dissatisfied? No matter what our weak point is, we tend to focus on it and search for proofs that feed our dissatisfaction.

Authors call themselves “aspiring” but this doesn’t usually pertain to their craft — it’s the comparison to others that makes them feel that way. Anyone can feel aspiring if we aspire to be like someone else.

If we step into our craft and create, we don’t aspire, we’re in it ready to thrive.

What are these untrue stories that we tell ourselves and what’s their purpose? One thing that comes to my mind is: excuses. We sometimes let ourselves be overwhelmed by the magnitude of things that we need, to be where we want to be and as a result of these thoughts and stories, we may just give up and cease overall. Our inaction is justified.

Ultimately it’s easier to stop acting than continue hustling when results are not guaranteed.

As entrepreneurs we often feel fragile, very sensitive to what surrounds us — this can inspire our creativity but can also impact us negatively. Depending on how resilient we are, we may not be strong enough to go through the whole process of making it. Our discouragement may be fed by the untrue stories that we make up in our minds — the stories, which tell us that we are not good enough and that we’ll never get where we want to get.

These stories feed our dissatisfaction, the feeling we are drawn to.

Dissatisfaction gets us attention, creates drama and makes us more prone to quitting or coasting in the familiar without making any progress.

We are all drawn to comfort and creating the life we want to live. However, living unconventionally is often uncomfortable because there’s so much insecurity, roadblocks and discomfort on the way to living our dream life.

In my newly published book Your Creative Career, I’m stressing a point of grit being more important than talent. We can’t just decide to adapt the attitude of grit. In order for the grit to last, we need to prime ourselves for it.

The stronger the reason behind creating our dream career, the more we’ll persevere.

The meaningful “why” behind our business will make us laser focused on our creative path. Once the untrue stories get on to our minds, our focus won’t let them linger.

The stories fed by our feeling of inadequacy, insecurity and desire for comfort need to go. It’s up to us to decide how soon we’ll decide to be immune to them. The sooner we decide to be laser focused on our creative path, the shorter our road to greatness.


Anna Sabino is the author of a newly released book Your Creative Career published by Career Press.

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