There Are Enough Charities.

Being Mindful Creative and Effective Altruist.

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Impact investing and cause marketing often hide some ulterior motives besides true giving. Some may argue that this makes giving more sustainable. Others consider charity giving as more of a single focused action zeroing in on making an impact. There is some truth in the fact that if a company benefits from giving, it will likely contribute again and maybe even increase the donation.

If doing the most for others means that you are also flourishing, then that is the best possible outcome for everyone.— Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do.

Sometimes there’s also our ego that gets in the way of being laser focused on making the biggest impact we can. We want to start a charity even though there are already many organizations devoted to any cause we can think of. Instead of helping the ones that struggle, egocentric business owners want to spend their energy and effort on starting yet another charity. They want to be founders and use the organization to boost their ego and personal brand. They will contribute the minimum required to get validation they crave. They often notice that the effort required from them to run the charity doesn’t convert to what they thought it would. Upon this realization, they close the business and refocus on other, easier ways to stardom.

How do you give? Do you find yourself stuck because of too many giving options available? Here are a few tips to consider if you want to be an effective altruist:

  • Use to check how effective a charity is.
  • Are you overwhelmed by too many charitable choices? Pick one, you can always reconsider later.
  • Make it interesting. Attending a gala or an event, buying raffle tickets or supporting your marathoner friend will make it fun and shareable.

Effective altruism is not only based on giving. It’s also about promoting your actions to inspire others.

One of the organizations I support is Rocking the Boat based in the Bronx in New York. The charity funds boat building after school programs for the underprivileged children from the Bronx. I’m a huge proponent of after school programs as it’s proven they develop grit and creativity.


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